book review: origin by dan brown

4 stars!

tw: bombing, infertility

I would love to know what religion did to Dan Brown because he came straight for the baby makers with this book. He pulled no punches and called out Christianity on the carpet. I was shocked but not surprised considering what Dan Brown has put into his other works.

I really enjoyed this book, though. It felt like I was reading a history book with some fiction rolled in and it was amazing. I know that this kind of reading experience might not be for everybody but I certainly loved it. It did get a bit wordy in some areas, especially during the science part of Edmond’s discovery. My eyes glossed over that part a bit.

I must note that even though this is part of a series, this particular book doesn’t really connect with the others. It does mention once or twice what happened in the Da Vinci Code but that is it. The mentions are that Robert Langdon is know for searching for the Holy Grail. It doesn’t give away where it is or anything like that. But it does mention it.

I feel like I can’t say much about this book for fear of spoiling it. This is definitely a book you want to go in completely blind and just enjoy the ride. If you can get past the sciencey parts, I think a lot of you will enjoy the book.



arc review: the water cure by sophie mackintosh

3 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Double Day publishing for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tw: animal abuse, child abuse, self harm, murder, child death

This has go to be one of the weirdest and most out there books I’ve ever read. Honestly, I have no idea what in the world I read and I probably still won’t know long after. Was it about a cult? Was it just a family trying to survive by any means necessary? I can’t tell you because I do not know.

The prose on this book was probably some of the best prose I’ve ever read. It was beautiful and so very haunting. Every single sentence was crafted meticulously. Each word was thought about very carefully and considered for the sentence. I can tell that there was a lot of work put into just the crafting of the sentences and I loved that.

But the prose got in the way of the story at times. Because the writing was so flowery, I was often confused about what was happening. Maybe that was the purpose? To be super mysterious? I don’t know. But I wish it had gotten straight to the point at times when it was needed. Especially with some of the reveals at the end. I just wanted to know what happened.

Overall, this is just one of those books you got to read for yourself. I know that this is a super short review but I can’t really say much about this book without giving it all away. This is really all I can tell you. Despite my average rating, I can’t wait to see what else Sophie Mackintosh writes next.


arc review: mary shelley: the strange true tale of frankenstein’s creator by catherine reef

3 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Clarion Books for sending me an ARC of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Literally take my rating with a grain of salt. This book was good and I enjoyed it a lot but I didn’t realize that it was middle grade and I don’t think I was the target audience for this particular book.

That being said, I did enjoy this book. It had pictures, which I always am a fan of. It would be awesome to have seen them in color (the ones that are in color; I know some pictures will be in black and white) and hopefully the published version will have them. The pictures added a nice element and really brought Mary Shelley’s world to life.

Like I mentioned above, this book is middle grade but I would consider it upper middle grade. Someone in seventh or eighth grade would enjoy this and be able to understand it. Actually, I’m sure people of all ages would enjoy this if they loved Frankenstein.

Overall, this was delightful, despite it being written for a younger person. People of all ages would enjoy the pictures and the thrilling tale of Mary Shelley.


book review: the promise by danielle steel

3 stars!

tw: rape remark, car accident

Personally I prefer the older Danielle Steel. This one was published in 1999, hence why I consider it her older work. Her older work has more of a story. Less tell and more show. The conversations amongst the characters are better. Everything about her older work is just better. But sadly, this one wasn’t the best I’ve read.

click here to be taken to my goodreads review to see a spoiler tag. 

Besides my spoiler tag, there wasn’t much to this story. Just two people trying to rebuild there lives after a car accident. It spans over the course of two years and Michael and Nancy get plenty of screen time. I wasn’t super keen on the doctor and Nancy being together. It felt like a weird power imbalance and I just wasn’t about that.

Overall, this wasn’t the worst book I’ve read of Danielle Steel but I’ve read better. It was a nice filler book and quick and easy read.


arc review: love and other secrets by christina mandelski

4 stars

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen and Netgalley for allowing me to read an eARC of this book early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tw: underage drinking, neglectful parents

As I read books about teenagers falling in love, I’ve come to the realization that I am old as hell. Everything that happened in this book could have easily been solved if these two teens JUST COMMUNICATED. Don’t get me wrong, the tension and drama makes for excellent stories but good lord. Halfway through the book, I was just begging for the release of the tension and just begging for them to do something. ANYTHING.

Alex and Bailey’s lack of communication certainly made for an interesting story, as I mentioned above. But holy hell, it was starting to get so irritating. It was obvious they both really liked each other. They were super flirty with each other and everything but they just couldn’t see it. Everybody else could so it but them. I wanted to shake them.

Another reason why this book reminded me of my age was the theme of promposal. The entire book was about Bailey’s film project, which was about promposals. Back when I was in school, we didn’t do promposals. We just asked the person if they wanted to go with us and they either said yes or no. It was interesting to see how the times have changed since I was in school.

Maybe I should talk about the actual book and not my age. I loved that Bailey was so interested in film. Her aspiration was so amazing. She saw a lack of women film directors and wanted to change that. I hope teen girls see that and become inspired to go beyond the “gender boundaries” in jobs.

Overall, this was good. It is part of the First Kiss Hypothesis world. But honestly, it could be read as a stand alone. If you are into tension and cute love stories, then this is the book for you!


book review: pretties by scott westerfeld

4 stars

tw: self harm, use of word r*tarded

I’m continuing my reread of the Uglies series. This one will have spoilers for Uglies so if you haven’t read that book and don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you don’t read this review.

In this book, Tally is pretty but she isn’t so sure being pretty is everything she thought it was gong to be. I love that Tally kept her “ugly” personality. It’s one of the reasons why I liked Tally so much!

The plot in this book was alright. It wasn’t as riveting as Uglies. In this book, we basically get to experience Tally and Zane’s journey into becoming bubbly (retaining that “ugly personalty). This was fine but I felt myself becoming a bit bored. I just wanted something to happen.

I’ll just keep this one short. I still love the series, don’t worry. I just wants super into this one like I was with Uglies. I am still very excited to continue my journey.


book review: two dark reigns by kendare blake

4 stars

a special thank you goes to lacy duckie for sending me this book. i am truly blessed to have your friendship!

I honestly don’t even know how to start this review. How do I even begin to describe my feligns about this book, the world, everything?

I only wrote down 4 (four) notes while reading this so I think what I’ll do is just expand on the notes. Because I am at such a loss on what to do.

I appreciate the cast of characters in the beginning. It definitely helps since there are so many characters. This addition truly helped because often I would get confused on who belong to what family. No longer the case thanks to this handy guide.

I am just so fascinated by all the different types of gifts. This has always been one of the reasons why I loved this series. All the gifts, especially the poisoner gift, has been so interesting to study and learn about.

Very slow burn; lots of buildup, very political. This book is 447 pages but it reads like a 500 to 600 page book. That isn’t a bad thing, in this case. We learn a lot more about the world of Fennbirn and how crazy things can truly get. There was so much politics surrounding the kingdom along with scheming; I liked everything minute of it.

My Katharine has grown! No longer meek but strong and confident. I love her even more. Even though Mira and Arsinoe have my respect (thanks to the novellas), Katharine holds my heart. Despite everything she has done in this book, I still adore her. She truly grew to be the Queen I knew she could be.

Overall, I am more enthralled then ever. This series is fantastic. It’s deep and dark. It’s twister. The amount of work Kendare has put into this world is astounding. I can’t wait to see what the last book has in store.