maximum ride: the angel experiment by james patterson


So I read this book back in high school. Well okay, the first time I had it read to me and I hated it. I hated having books read to me. But then I decided to pick it up and try it on my own. I loved it but I wasn’t super sold on it. Max was one of the biggest things that bothered me. For some reason, her voice felt far too young to me and she made some silly mistakes that would annoy the hell out of me.

But as I read this book a second time around, I realized that I wasn’t annoyed. I realized that Max didn’t have a childhood. She never got to be a kid. As soon as she escaped the School, she had to take care of the young flock. I realized that high school Lacy was just a brat.

This book is seriously all action. I’m talking 99% action. The flock are constantly on the go, having to always outrun some sort of danger. I was exhausted after I finished reading this. I felt like I was flying with the flock and running away with them. Not to mention, there were so many plot twists and turns. My neck was sore. Everything was just sore after reading this book.

One of the things that did put me off slightly, that didn’t when I read it in high school, was the super short chapters. We are talking one to two pages. Sometimes the chapters were only a page even half a page. I’m not sure what the point of it was but it did detract from the story a bit. The book reads very quickly so I was constantly having to turn pages, which got old after a while.

Overall, I loved this, even more than I did in high school. I’m really glad I picked this up again and I certainly can’t wait to continue my adventure with the flock. I highly suggest this book if you are looking for an action packed book or need some new characters to adopt into your family.



just one of the royals by kate and leah rooper


tw: underage drinking

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read an eARC of this book early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Gosh, this story was so damn cute. I was smiling like an idiot almost the entire time I read the book. I seriously just love cute romance stories like these. It was just what I needed after a rough couple of months.

The tension in this story was so real, it was driving me mad. Daniel and Madison clearly had chemistry but both were just ignorant of it. The miscommunication between the two was so hilarious at times. We got POV from both of them so were privy to their thoughts. Often times I just had to shake my head.

While this book was adorable, it had it’s serious moments. Madison, who is Korean American, is struggling with her parents and what they want from her. Madison wants to be an actress but her parents want her to be a doctor. My parents let us kids pursue whatever we wanted so I can only imagine how Madison must have felt. It would upset me so much if I wasn’t allowed to even think about my dream job.

This book is the second of a series. Usually books like these can be read as a stand alone. This one does mention events that happened in the first book. So it might be best to read them in order. But it won’t deter from your enjoyment if you decide to skip the first one.

Overall, this was an adorable story. I adored Madison and Daniel. I loved the tension and the wondering if they were ever going to be together. Check this out today!

alpha by jus accardo


A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this eARC early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Another series done and gone. All and all, it wasn’t bad, despite the average rating. I certainly preferred some characters over others. But I’ll talk more about that toward the end, when I do a series wrap up. Beware that the series wrap up will have some spoilers. They aren’t super major but it’s best to avoid that if you don’t want to get spoiled.

The two MCs in this book were Sera and G, from the previous book. Now I didn’t mind them but I just couldn’t get into their POVs as much as I did for Ash and Noah. Sera was a fighter and she never gave up, which is something I admire. But I just couldn’t connect with her. It felt like she was just waiting for people to save her instead of trying to get out of the situation. Same with G, in the sense that I couldn’t get into his POV. He was a lot more darker than I’m used too and I think that’s why I wasn’t a huge fan of him. I’m not the biggest fan of anti heroes. It takes a special character to get me really into them. And sadly, G was not it.

In this book, Dylan was more humanized that I had ever seen him and it was interesting. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it because I didn’t like Dylan at all. I didn’t like him as a person and I didn’t like him as a villain. But I liked it? Who am I? I don’t condone what Dylan did, not by a long shot. But the way Jus handled his redemption, talking about how some people just break when something traumatic happens. I don’t know, that really got me and I suddenly did hate Dylan so much.

series review;

This series was surprisingly good. When I first started, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. Interdemensional travel? Confusing! My only experience is the Family Guy episode Road to the Multiverse. But the way Jus went about it, gave us chunks of information and broke down the concept into Layman’s terms, it made sense. The Alpha project was still a bit unclear. I’m not entirely sure what the whole goal was there.

Noah and Ash were my favorite POVs out of all the POVs that were offered. There were just something about them that worked. They clicked so well together, even though Noah was putting up one hell of a fight. Their love for each other and their will to keep on fighting just made my heart melt.

Overall, this series was good! I need to own it, simply for the beautiful covers. Seriously, props to whoever did that. But anyway, if you are looking for an easy to read interdemensional travel book with romances that will make your heart swoon, then this series is the one for you.



august wrap up// possible reading slump??

As I was writing out my list of books that I had read for the month of August, I was quite disappointed. I only read 6 (six) books this month! SIX! I honestly thought I had read more than that. But I guess I did not.

But I did spend the last part of August finally catching up on blog posts and comments. I still have to read a lot of my followers posts but I am still glad I was able to finally get caught up.

I think what happened is that I hit a mini reading slump. I enjoyed every book I read but I just wasn’t in the mood to read. I’m going to try and find a bunch of fall reads in the hopes that it will get me in the mood to read again.

Alright, enough of me blathering on about how sad I am at my reading, it’s time for a break down of every book I read. This will be relatively short but eh, what can you do?

the stats;

Δ books read: 6

Δ average star rating: 4 stars

Δ arcs read: 2

Δ owned books read: 4

Δ favorite: the book of awesome

the books;

Δ Proxy by Alex London

→4.5 stars, own

→ A super cool dystopian novel with a gay male lead and diversity.


Δ Sadie by Courtney Summers

→ 4 stars, eARC

→ A chilling tale with podcast chapters that were my favorite.


Δ The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

→ 5 stars, own, favorite

→  A wonderful book that makes me happy and reminds me to enjoy the little things in life.


Δ The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordian

→ 3.5 stars, own

→ A continuation to a series I should have read when I was younger.


Δ Omega by Jus Accardo

→ 4 stars, eARC

→ An excellent book that did not suffer from second book syndrome.


Δ The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket

→ 3.5 stars, own

→ A good book but it had some flaws




netgalley update: 09/14/2018

I haven’t done one of these Netgalley updates in quite a while so I decided it was time to bring it back. I have 7 (seven) books that I have been approved for on Netgalley with 4 (four) that are needing to be completed now. I am going to push myself to finish these by this month so I can start fresh in October.

In each of the covers, I’ll link it to the book’s Goodreads page so you guys can check them out for yourselves!

older eARCs;


Alpha by Jus Accardo

At the time of writing this, I am currently in the middle of reading and might have even finished it by the time this is published. I am liking it so far and I’m relieved it’s not through Dylan’s POV like I thought it was going to be. I’m not loving the POVs but I’m still just as intrigued with the story.





Just One of the Royals by Leah Rooper and Kate Rooper

You all have probably seen this on another Netgalley update. I am definitely going to be reading this after I finish the current books I’m reading right now (I’m also currently reading Uglies by Scott Westerfeld). I have seen some really good reviews about this book and I am so keen to get started on it.




Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga

Alas, another book that has been on some of my Netgalley update lists. This book will also be read asap. I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews, where some people really loved it while others had some problems with it. Regardless, I’m ready to get my reading on with this one!





The Water Cure by Sophie Mackintosh

I found this book when someone I follow did a Netgalley post. I immediately requested it because it sounded so intriguing. The cover instantly hooked me and the synopsis had me dying to know more. I can’t wait to get this one going as well.




new eARCs;


The Witch of Willow Hall by Hester Fox

For the life of me, I have no idea why I requested this. It was probably the cover. If you have a beautifully designed cover, I will snag it up and not even read the synopsis. Luckily for me, the synopsis sounds interesting with mentions of the Salem Witch trials and the after effects of it.





Love and Other Secrets by Christina Mandelski

This book is part of a series, in which I have read one of the books. The series is the First Kiss Hypothesis. I remember I enjoyed it a lot. It was a cute book and just what I needed after reading some heavy books. I’m excited to see where this one leads and if it’s tied to the same world.





Star-Crossed by Pintip Dunn

This. This is the book I am beyond excited for it! The minute I found out that it was available for request on Netgalley, I hoped on the site and requested it right away. Thank the stars I was approved. Pintip is an absolutely amazing author and I have loved everything she has written.





book review:…and all shall fade to black

Male back with big and beautiful tattoo shooting on black background

book title: …And All Shall Fade to Black

author: Layla Dorine

page count: 276 pages

publisher: Encompass Ink

my rating: 4 stars


tw: domestic abuse, drug use, alcohol abuse, disordered eating, death of a loved one

I’m going to be honest. I don’t read a lot of m/m romance books, which something I have got to change. Not because I don’t want too, I just don’t own any of them except this one. I’ve been pretty focused on getting through my owned books and eARCs so I can get more! Isn’t my logic awesome? I thought so.

Anyway. I truly believe Layla Dorine fits into the category of excellent m/m romance writers. This book was fantastic and the best part? She is a local writer from around my area. I met her at my town’s PRIDE event. She is super nice and even signed my book! So Layla, if you are reading this, thank you!

Okay, onto the actual book review. The two MCs were so incredible. So raw and just so real. Jax is bisexual (at least that is what I was able to tell from context clues) and he has an eating disorder. More books, both YA and NA, seriously need to portray men with eating disorders. It is a very real thing that happens. I was truly heart broken by Jax’s struggles with food. His thoughts and the way he overall thought about himself were just so dang heart breaking.

Danny is the other MC and he is gay. He has a pretty rough backstory as well with relationship abuse. The way Danny behaves shows just how damaging and scary it is to be in an abusive relationship, no matter the length of said relationship. It was hard to read at times, the way he acted just because you felt the fear. He was scared and it took a long time for him to regain some sense of normalcy.

This book also has rep for not so perfect friendships but it isn’t toxic. Danny and Herman have an imperfect friendship. It isn’t toxic but sometimes Herman says things that he shouldn’t. Danny will take out frustrations in regards to his play on Herman. As weird as it sounds, it’s nice to see that friendships aren’t perfect. There has been so many times where the books I’ve read have either been super toxic as hell friendships or so perfect they don’t seem real.

Overall, I think this book was fantastic! I adored Jax and Danny. I appreciated all the topics that were in this book that happen in everyday life. It didn’t have the love cures illnesses trope, which is a plus. I’d honestly highly recommend this book!


movie review: office space



title: Office Space

director: Mike Judge

run time: 89 minutes

studio: Cubicle Inc/20th Century Fox

my rating: 5 stars


This movie. Guys, this movie is a goddamn classic. Yes, I swore but it is honestly that good. This is the epitome of classic and actually funny humor. This reminds me of Horrible Bosses and I’m sure the director of that movie got his/her inspiration from this movie.

I honestly can’t find a single thing wrong with this film. I love it just so much. Milton is one of my favorite characters. Word of advice: watch this film with subtitles. I missed a lot of his muttering the first few times I’ve watched it and that was probably detrimental to my full enjoyment. And you honestly don’t want to miss his muttering. It is seriously so funny! I didn’t realize he said half the things he said.

I think I will just keep this short because this movie is best viewed with knowing as little as possible to get the most amount of laughs. If you guys have 89 minutes to spare, I highly suggest this little 90’s gem. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.