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Of course, I couldn’t just ignore this tag. I mean hello, I am the ravenclaw library. I live and breathe everything Harry Potter. I often compare books I do read to Harry Potter and often wonder what House they are. I just love Harry Potter a lot, okay?

I saw this on Destiny‘s blog and I knew I had to do it. You all should go check her blog out. Her graphics are very cool and she is just a fair and honest reviewer. I love that she tries to find the positive in every book she reads. She is truly a great reviewer and she is mega kind. Go check her blog out!

am I a pureblood, half-blood, or muggle born?

Muggle born. I found out about Harry Potter from a friend. I was over at their house and they had the Chamber of Secrets on. I asked about it and they told me it was Harry Potter. Somehow I acquired the books and I read them, thus starting my obsession.

My mom hasn’t read any of the books but she has seen all the movies at least four times each. Of course, she has to text me and ask me questions about EVERY SINGLE THING. My dad has tried to read the books but he really couldn’t get into them. He totally supports my obsession with them though. So that’s a plus.

which wand chose me?

Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 12.43.50 AM

This is Hawthorn wand. It has a Phoenix feather core and it’s 10 3/4″ in length and quite bendy, in case you couldn’t read the really tiny font. Hawthorn wands are complex and intriguing in nature, much like their owners, according to Pottermore. I find this to be true and it pertains to me immensely. Hawthorn wands can be dangerous and their spells can backfire, which is kind of a negative but oh well.

did I take an owl, cat, rat, or toad with me?

I would have probably taken an owl with me. They are incredibly useful, delivering letters and whatnot. However, I wouldn’t have minded taking a cat with me either just so I have some to hug. Can’t really hug an owl. I’m afraid of toads so those are out of the questions and rats are just plain icky to me.

where did the sorting hat put me?


I feel like this doesn’t really need an explanation.

what house did I want to be in?

To be honest, I always wanted to be in Ravenclaw. I thought that Ravenclaw’s traits were something that fit me. I didn’t want to be in any other House. Even though Hermione is my favorite character.

what lessons are my favorites and least favorites?

I’m one of those nerds that would have loved to take every single class and I would have loved them all. I think History of Magic would have been my absolute favorite. I love History and everything about it.

the form my patronus takes:

Screenshot 2017-08-21 at 12.59.03 AM

Yeah, I know. I don’t want to talk about it.

what does a boggart look like to me?

My family and close dear friends telling me I’m not good enough for them and leaving me.

do I partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?

If I was more cordinated, I would take up Quidditch. But let’s be real, I wouldn’t be that great at it. So I would probably just spend all my time in the library despite the mean librarian.

where would I find myself in my free time?

Like I said above, probably the library. Or I would be in the Ravenclaw Tower a lot too. It’s so dang pretty!

what would I most likely get detention for?

Knowing me and how I operate, I would get in trouble for being in a place I shouldn’t be and not knowing that it isn’t a place I’m supposed to be in. Because that is how I live my life.

what career do I want after leaving Hogwarts?

I would probably want to do something at Hogwarts, like running the library or teaching History of Magic. I wouldn’t mind finding a book related job at the Ministry of Magic as well.


Copping out on tags again. Because it takes forever to tag people. If this seems like something up your alley, give it a shot and ping me back so I can see your answers. I love learning about fellow Ravenclaws or any House.



weekly wrap up: 08/21/17

Well, another week has come and gone. I feel like I got quite a bit done considering the stress I had this week. I found out that I need to have wisdom teeth pulled out along with a variety of mouth related procedures. I also laid to rest a cousin and that was incredibly difficult, more so than I thought it was going to be.

Next week will be awesome, I promise. I got approved for about five or so ARCS along with signing up for a bunch more because I clearly have no self control. But I’ll tell you guys all about that in the next week’s outlook section.

blog posts

black bird of the gallows: where I rave about the YA paranormal genre and how I need to get my hands on more of it.

wonder woman book tag: where I compare books to different parts of Wonder Woman lore.

anne of green gables: where I fondly talk about anne and how she wormed her way into my heart.


the face on the milk carton: 3.5 stars

getting through the massive amount of books I own

The only book I ended up getting through was Anne of Green Gables. I bought it at Walmart and it’s the same cover design as my Pride and Prejudice book so of course I had to get it. And read it at once. Because, you know, I have no self control.

ARC approvals

I was approved for my first ever Netgalley ARC. I almost cried, I was so damn happy. I got an uncorrected proof of Queens of the Conquest (England’s Medieval Queens) by Alison Weir. Alison Weir is one of my most favorite historical fiction writers. The book is really good so far and I’m learning a lot. Expect that blog post very soon.

I was also approved for Black Bird of the Gallows by Meg Kassel from Entangled Teen publishing. Seriously, this publishing company rocks and I’m forever grateful of all the ARCs they let me read. I’m finding books I never would have picked up myself and finding new genres to explore. Check out my blog post on that book!

next week’s outlook

As I briefly mentioned up above, I was approved for quite a few ARCs from Entangled Teen publishing. I will mention them in next week’s ARC approvals section. I haven’t started them yet but they are downloaded and eagerly awaiting for me to read them.

I am also going to try and do one tag per week so break up the reviews. I have a few discussion posts on deck, as well, that I’m thinking about posting. I’ll keep browsing for new ideas to bring to the table. Also expect September releases I’m excited for to hit next week as well.

Tell me about your week? Was it good? Get any fun new books? Had a bad week? Let me know!



anne of green gables

to read a synopsis about this book on Goodreads, click here.

Oh, how I just adore this book. This is easily in my top 10 most favorite books with Anne being one of my favorite MCs. I had forgotten just how good this book was and now that I have rediscovered it, I’m going to cherish it forever.

Anne is simply just an amazing character. You think she would be this annoying character that never shuts up and doesn’t know when to keep her immigration in check. But then, before you know it, she has wormed her way into your heart and you don’t know when or how that even happened. But you find that you don’t even care. That is me. I honestly thought I wouldn’t like Anne but I found that I liked her a lot.

I love that this is another classic that is so easy to read. Frankenstein is another classic that I found so easy to read. True, it’s not written in the way people from this generation talks but it’s still incredibly easy to understand. I was able to follow everything, even Anne’s ramblings about whatever it was she was talking about. Those big paragraphs get to be a bit much but they are still easy to keep up.

The growth of all the characters in this book is so refreshing. I strive for character growth in books. Anne grows up to be quite an ambitious girl who is thankful for everything Marilla and Matthew do for her. She goes on to prove to them that keeping her was the best thing they could have done. And she does it by being herself. I love that about her.

Marilla, by far, had the most amount of growth. She went from a snappy old woman to someone who was soft and full of love for her little family, but in a good way. She loves Anne in her own way and my heart couldn’t take it. I honestly didn’t think Marilla was ever going to change but I’m so glad she did.

Matthew, the quiet guy, even had some character growth, not that he really needed it. He learned to stand up, a bit, to Marilla and he spoiled Anne, which is something that Anne needed.

Overall, this is seriously one of the best classics out there. I adore everything about it and half the time, while I was reading it, I was smiling like a loon because Anne had just wormed her way into my heart. I honestly recommend everyone read this book and read the entire series. It’s just that good and easy to read.



arc review: black bird of the gallows

to read a synopsis about this book on Goodreads, click here

I was generously provided this ARC in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you Entangled Teen publishing! 

expected publication: september 5

Where can I find more paranormal YA like this? Seriously, this was so good! I’m going to be honest and say that I don’t care much for reading about the paranormal. I’m more content watching it because I get more scared that way or something. I don’t know why I torture myself with paranormal stuff. But this book has changed my mind. By instilling a little bit of Supernatural-esque lore like harbingers of death and the Beekeepers, this kept my attention from start to finish.

What I really loved about this book was the MC, Angie. She was a girl that was into DJing. Like how cool is that? I have yet to read a book where a MC girl is interested in something like that. Secret time: I used to want to be a DJ. I thought that controlling music like that was so cool. Perhaps I’ll get back into that. 😉 But moving on, Angie was a real solid MC. She didn’t make dumb decisions and even when there were girls being nasty to her, she was still incredibly strong. Given what her past was, I’m amazed she didn’t break down.

I liked Reese as well. Yeah, he tried to be the whole  I’m not going to tell you stuff because I’m macho and need to save you thing but that quickly dropped, which I am thankful for. He trusted Angie and what she was doing and that was refreshing. He let her make decisions, even if he didn’t agree with him. Even at the end, he was still letting her make decisions and accepting them, regardless if he liked them or not. I don’t know about you guys but that is a winner in my book.

A couple of other things that I really like was the dad/daughter relationship between Angie and her dad. He cared about her so much and let her be who she wanted to be. Their relationship was so open and refreshing. The friendships Angie had with Deno and Lacey (!!! I squealed excitedly when I saw my name (misspelled) in this book) were awesome too. Shout out to Meg Kassel for proving that guys and girls can be friends with no romantic overtures.

Overall, I am thoroughly pleased with this book. I took a chance on a genre I never read and it paid off in spades. I was just sucked in by that beautiful cover. I’m going to have to buy the physical copy when this book is released so I can stare at it all day. You all should do it too.



wonder woman book tag

So I love Wonder Woman, not as much as Batman but still. I don’t know that much about her but I love her. I love how strong she is and how she doesn’t take crap from anyone. Like, I wish I could be her. She is an excellent role model for young girls everywhere.

I have yet to see the movie and I want to get my hands on the book but I got to wait. So I’ll do this tag instead while I wait for forever. Miss May tagged me in this. Go check her blog out. She recently redesigned it and it looks really good!

wonder woman: your favorite badass female book character

I got to go with my girl, Hermione. Surprise surprise. But honestly she is like the ultimate badass. She keeps Ron and Harry in line while managing to save the Wizarding world. I really could just go on and on about how amazing she is but there are other questions that I should really get too.


fantasy island: a book setting you want to escape to

I’m going to say the Kingfountain setting from the Kingfountain series. I have always wanted to live in a medieval world and what better place then one that offers powers. Granted the king is pretty awful but hey, can’t have everything right?

download (1)

london: a hyped book that let you down

The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. Okay, so I did rate this three stars and it really wasn’t that bad. But I expected badass dueling and more of Russia. Instead I got a weird love triangle and a couple of teenagers who didn’t even try. I’m hoping the second book is better but I’m not holding my breath.


steve trevor: a book that has a beautiful cover and a great story (ex- great personality)

Project Pandora by Aden Polydoros. The cover is just gorgeous in real life. I mean just stunning. And the story itself was incredible. Sleeper children agents with wicked code names based on Greek mythology. Count me in. Plus Hades, my poor misunderstood child. Ugh. I need to re-read this book again.

images (1)

lasso of truth: a book you hated

The Last Star by Rick Yancey. The first two of this series was incredible. I mean just out of this world. It was my first real taste of science fiction and I was hooked. And then this book came along. I was 90% confused and 10% pissed. I really didn’t think I had forgotten that much from the Infinite Sea and this one. The ending is what really pissed me off. I still don’t know what actually happened. I might have to do an entire re-read of the series in one sitting to see if it makes more sense.


wonder woman’s shield: a book so sad you need a shield

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. This book isn’t exactly sad, per se but goddamn, it ripped my soul apart. All I wanted to do was protect Charlie. He is such a good and gentle human and he needed all the love. So the book made me sad in that sense.


ares: a villain that is scary, but you can’t seem to hate

The Darkling from the Grisha trilogy. I have a bit of a confusing relationship when it comes to this character. He seems so dark and evil. But then you learn about his past and you realize is that you can’t hate him as much as you want too. But boy, how I wanted to hate him.


the amazons: a book that you wish had more/better LGBT+ representation

Captive Prince by C.S Pacat. I was recommended this book and overall I really did like it. It reminded me a lot of Beauty by Anne Rice. But really I was just annoyed by the back and forth that Damen and Laurent had. Did they like each other or did they hate each other? It didn’t seem like a M/M romance to me. But I haven’t finished the series yet so maybe it gets better.



Well, I’m one of those people that cops out and don’t tag anybody. Because honestly, I don’t know who’s been tagged in it and who hasn’t. So I’m going to say, go ahead and do this. Just ping me back so I can see your answers!



weekly wrap up: 08/14/17

This week has been a bit of a slow week. I was tackling an 800 page monster of a book about Paris, which I will discuss later. The Summer Games event came out in Overwatch so I have been focusing a lot of my energy on that. And I’ve been having a bit of a writing block. I want to bring some new content to this blog but I’m just not sure what I should post. I have a couple of things saved in my draft but other than that, I’m not really sure.

Enough of me bellyaching, it’s time to actually talk about my week.

blog posts

the tbr book tag: where I talk about my massive TBR pile and all around pretend it’s not overwhelming

we all looked up: where I talk about cliched teenagers that get intensely philosophical about the end of the world.

paris: the 800 page monster of a book spanning over hundreds of years about the city of Paris. I learned quite a bit.


I only got one book from overdrive this week. But have no fear, I am next in line for at least four different books which means they all should be here sometime next week.

we all looked up: 4 stars.

getting through the massive amount of books i own

I finally read a book that I own! Yay! Granted it was only one book but still. It’s really only because overdrive was slow. On another note, I managed to organize my bookshelf at home a little bit. I still have to add one more shelf and then it’ll look like a complete mess.

paris: 3.5 stars

ARC approvals

I got approved for another ARC by Entangled Teen. If you guys haven’t checked them out, you really should. You can sign up for their emails and during the different seasons they send out a list of ARCs and you sign up for all or some. They will email you if you get approved. It’s super easy!

The ARC I was approved for is called Black Bird of the Gallows. I haven’t started it yet but I will just as soon as I finish this post. It’s a YA paranormal book, which normally isn’t something I read but I’m trying to branch out. Plus that cover is swoon worthy! Look for that review and information about publication sometime this week.

next weeks outlook

Next week, I hope to accomplish reading more books I own. I have won a few in a giveaway that I would like to start including Girls Made of Snow and Glass. I’m beyond excited for that one!

Overall, I’m just hoping to get a little bit more reading done then what I did. I’m also going to try and find more bookish related topics to discuss. Maybe I’ll bring in a weekly discussion post. My main goal is continue to try and weed down the books I own. We shall see what next week brings.

How did the week go for you guys? Good? Bad? Average? Feel free to let me know!



to read a synopsis about this book on Goodreads, click here.

Finally, I have finished this book. I feel incredibly triumphant. I don’t think I’ve read a book this big since Roots and that was back in high school. That book was over 1000 pages and it took me about two weeks or so to finish. This, however, wasn’t a bad book, but it took a lot out of you. You had to really focus on what was going on otherwise you would miss what was going on and it would ruin the story. I made that mistake a few times and spent several chapters struggling to figure out who was who.

I had written down all the characters at one point but I had to give up that endeavour after a few chapters. This book focuses on a few main characters but it’s spread out literally over hundreds of years. I didn’t know who was going to be considered important until I was well over the halfway point. It begins in 1700s (maybe earlier) continues until the 1960s. It tells the story of Paris and how she has weathered the most harshest of what history has to offer. From the Terror to WWII, Paris has survived and even thrived under the conditions humanity has put it under.

Like I mentioned above, this is a book you have to pay attention too. It bounces between many different periods of time and between many different characters. Most of them are all related or interact with each other at some point. If you miss out on one character and their history, you are basically screwed with the rest of the story. It doesn’t help that parents insisted on naming their children the same name. That makes it very confusing.

I rated this book a bit on the low side because it just took so much effort to read. I didn’t want to really read it at times because it was so dense and I wasn’t really in the mood to focus on it. It was good though. And I learned a lot about Paris that I never knew before. If anything, this book made me want to go find some historical fiction books about Paris.

As for recommending this book, I’d say that you have to be super interested in Paris and history. I am interested in history but not Paris so much. So be prepared for that. Also be prepared this a lot of time jumping, like I mentioned above. It gets a bit confusing at times but once you whether through it, this book actually becomes an enjoyable reading and learning experience.