the star touched queen

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Never in my entire life have I read such a beautifully written book. Roshani Chokshi literally painted descriptions in my mind with her words. Everything, every emotion, every memory, every feeling was painted and crafted in such a beautiful way that it made my heart sing. When the book was over, I felt physically affected. I wanted the story to go on and on. I never wanted let this book go. The characters had found their into my heart.

This is the story of Maya. She has a horoscope that says she will bring death and destruction. Because of this, she is feared and hated in her father’s palace. She doesn’t know what it is like to feel love and respect. The only love she has even known was the love from her little sister but even that isn’t enough.

Maya is a learned woman. She loves to spend time spying on her father, learning how to run a kingdom. She also has some very feminist viewpoints. During this time, women were basically married off to someone with no choice. Often times, they had to share a husband, depending on who they married. Maya wanted none of that. She wanted to be an equal in the marriage. A thing completely unheard of.

Maya is forced to be married but luckily she can chose who she wants to get married too. She chooses Amar, despite not knowing anything about him or the country he rules. What entails is a story that, for lack of better words, is completely out of this world.

I did read in another review that this is a retelling of Hades and Persephone. I cannot confirm that because I don’t know their story. All I do know is that I am ready to find out the real story. I am also ready to read more of this extremely gifted author. I really do suggest that everyone check out Roshani Chokshi. I have only read this one book but I am already a huge fan.




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