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Crank. It’s an ugly dirty word. It has brought heartbreak to families everywhere, all around the world. It’s a monster and it completely ruined Kristina’s life.

This book is about one teen’s journey through the struggles of being in the grasp of the monster. 

Kristina was like any other teenager. She was full of angst and tried to be perfect in the eyes her sometimes absent mom and her step dad with her annoying little brother and her older sister. She begs and pleads her mom to let her see her real dad so she develop a relationship with him.

It was the beginning of the end. 

Written in verse, we watch Kristina struggle with her addiction. We watch her do anything necessary to get her next fix. She doesn’t care who she hurts or who she steals from. All she knows is the monster’s call.

Drug abuse isn’t an easy topic to talk about. I personally do not know anyone that has a drug addiction but I can only imagine how difficult it is for the person with the addiction and the family. They watch the person they love most struggle and hurt them, knowing that this isn’t the same person they know and love.

Ellen Hopkin’s books tackle these hard subjects through verse, which I think makes things a little bit easier to stomach in some ways. But at the same time, you get all raw emotion which is ultimately hard to deal with as well. My advice for anyone wanting to start this series is to be careful. These aren’t for the faint of heart and if you or someone you know has a drug addiction or if you are in recovery, I would suggest being extremely careful with these books.



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