crooked kingdom/character review

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Have you ever read a book that felt like you were coming home? Where it felt like the characters were just waiting for you to pick up the book so they could start their adventure with you? I have only felt that way about one book series and that was Harry Potter. And now, I have a second book series to make me feel this way. I’m going to suggest that everyone stop reading right here, go get Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and then come back and finish reading this. Because the series that damn good.

Since this book takes place right after the first book, I will just talk about the characters and how incredibly amazing they all were. So I apologize in advance if this isn’t like a typical review and if it’s crazy super long. This duology has a plot, yes, but I personally think that it is more character driven than anything. You get to watch the characters grow and find themselves and find where they belong in the world. And I think that is what makes a good series.

Kaz. Oh Kaz. He truly has grown for me. I didn’t really care for him, believe it or not. He was so ruthless and bloodthirsty that it just really put me off from him. I know that a lot people loved that about him. Not me. I did, however, like how smart he was. He had backup plans for backup plans. It was incredible. In this book, he started to show his emotions more. That is how he won me over. Yes, you can be tough and a BA but show me emotion. Cry for me. God, that makes me sound as horrible as Kaz is.

Inej. She was my absolute favorite character. I adore everything about her. I love that she is incredibly athletic. I love her name, the Wraith. I love how throughout everything that has been thrown at her and how crap her life has been, she stayed true to who she was. She kept her religion and talked about it frequently but she never shoved it down anyone’s throat. Everything about her was just perfect.

I will go down with the Kaz/Inej ship. You can’t stop me. 

Jesper. Jesper was one of those characters that I enjoyed but didn’t really know too much about. He had amazing wit and could seriously hold his own in a conversation but I felt like I didn’t get to know him in the first installment. His past and who he was just barely scratched upon. Well, in this one, I got to learn about Jesper and I like him a whole lot more now. He really is so fragile and it just breaks my heart. Despite Kaz being a hardass, I’m glad that Jesper found a home amongst the Dregs.

Waylan. Waylan was another character that I felt we didn’t get much information about. I just felt like I didn’t really know him or know how he suddenly ended up with Kaz and his crew. What I found out was incredible. How he manages to stay so positive and make friends is really beyond me. His life sounded so difficult from an early age. He really came into his own and found his gift for blowing stuff up. He immediately became another favorite after Inej.

Three words. Jesper and Waylan!!!

Nina. Nina was my least favorite out of the crew. There was just something about her that irritated me like crazy. I think it was the fact that she had the audacity to get continually upset with Matthias in the first book because of things that were basically her fault. She grew on me in this book though. She is very strong willed and I totally love the friendship between her and Inej. They are definitely friendship goals.

Matthias. The last crew member and probably another one of my least favorite. Maybe it was the constant prejudices that I had to read about. Or his weird hero worship to his commander that clearly wasn’t a good guy. I think that there was a little of things that really annoyed. He did grow on me as well. I really adored the relationship between him and Nina. They definitely win the cutest couple award.

If you have stuck it out for this long, thank you. I know that this was a lot to read and sift through but I really just wanted to share my love with you guys. Let me know if you have read this duology and what your thoughts were. If you liked this type of post, let me know. There are a lot of character driven books that I could write about as well.



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