to read a blurb about this book from Goodreads, click here. although be warned, it’s not very good. it looks like it hasn’t been updated since the book was released.


Angelology is the study of angels, when you break down the word. That’s exactly what this book is about. No misleading titles here. You will quickly learn about the lore of the angels, the Watchers and most importantly, the Nephilim. I will briefly explain what those are in a short while.

The book itself follows the life of Evangeline, Verlaine and Percival with a middle section dedicated to Celestine. Evangeline has lived at a covenant basically her whole life. She left there at the age of 12 by her dad after her mother was killed. Evangeline has only known the safety of the convent but that is all about to change. Percival is a Nephilim but he is dying. He hires Verlaine, under the pretense of buying some very rare art in hopes of finding a mythical object that could heal him. Celestine is an angelologist. She has dedicated her life to fighting the Nephilim, which is what all angelologist hope to accomplish in their life.

As promised, I will give a brief story of the lore used in this book. Basically the Watchers were sent to Earth when God created the world, if you believe in the Creation story. They were to watch the humans but the Watchers wanted more, which was a major rule that they broke. They took human wives and the wives had children, which were called Nephilim, half angel/half human. The Watchers trained their little ones in the art of all things angel, making them a dangerous force to reckon with. God figured out what happened and wasn’t pleased, naturally. He sent archangels, Michael was one of them in case you didn’t know what the archangels were, and had them tied up and locked away. The Nephilim were able to survive and thusly repopulated the Earth with their own kind after the Great Flood.

This information, I thought, was wicked sweet but it took a while to wade through the MASSIVE amount of information. This book easily could have been a textbook on angel lore. That is how much there is. I am one of those weird humans that love info dumping. But even I had to admit that this was slightly too much. I wish that the author had given the information in a way that was more pleasing. They almost expected you to have extensive knowledge on angels and angel lore. Luckily for me, I have studied the Bible and I know quite a bit about angel lore. I really do recommend this book but tread carefully and take your time so you do not get overwhelmed.



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