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Are you ready for my possible favorite book of 2017? I know that the year is young but I’m serious. This book has thrown me out of my reading slump and I am now excited to see what 2017 has to offer. I will definitely be considering picking up the author’s other books. And November seriously cannot come soon enough!

As the blurb kind of says, this is a word where there is no disease or death. People can live forever and can even reset their age to 21 years old if they so chose. There is no crime and no corrupt politicians or government. The world is run by a supercomputer called the Thunderhead. Everything is essentially equal.

But because people are living forever, the world can’t handle that. So the Scythedome is born. People are chosen to be Scythes. They adhere to their own rules and are above those that the Thunderhead sets for everybody. They are tasked to “glean” or kill a certain quota of people every year in order to keep the world population in check. Of course they can give out immunity if they chose, which they often do for the families of those that were gleaned.

Two teens, Citra and Rowan, are chosen by Scythe Faraday to apprentice with him. Both have strengths and weaknesses that would each make them a truly remarkable Scythe. But there are Scythes, from the old guard and the new wave, who were not happy with this and now it’s a fight to live…literally.

The world building was out of the world. I mean it was just incredible. I was not overwhelmed by all the information. It came in bits and pieces that were easy to digest and odd terms were explained naturally. They didn’t interrupt the story in anyway. As I mentioned before, I’m one of the weirdos that loves info dumping (to an extent) so I would have been happy if they piled it on for me. But I know that there are people who hate that, so this book would be perfect for them.

The concept of Scythes were my favorite part. I’m pretty sure it’s a play on the Grim Reaper and I loved it. It makes the Reaper seem like scary. The Scythes know that they are killing people but they know that they have to do it in order to keep the world the way that everybody likes. The rules that they have to follow are very interesting. Even if a government-less society, there are still government like groups in every dystopian.

I really could just gush and gush about this world but I think it’s better to go in blind. I think that this book could appeal to everybody. It’s YA but it’s not childish. There are parts where it is training and learning, that could be considered slow, but I think that it was important to have that in there because it comes up later in the story. There are hints of insta love but honestly, it takes a backseat and it’s more friendship and concern about another peer than anything. Overall, I will be thinking about this book for the weeks to come and wishing fervently for November.



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