gathering blue

to read a blurb about this book from Goodreads, click here

to read my review of the first installation, click here. please note that review also contains the movie review. there is one tiny spoiler in it but it’s not that big of deal and will not ruin the book/movie for you. 

note: this is part of a quartet. however, you could probably get away with reading the first two books out of order. but after that, i would recommend keeping the order. 


This is will most likely be a short review because itself is only 240 pages and is considered a middle grade book. Which is not something I normally read. I find that middle grade books leave me wanting more and I get frustrated by the simplicity of the story.

So I liked this book. It was okay as far as books go. But there was just something missing. When I had read The Giver the second time I was entranced (my Goodreads review should explain what I mean by “the second time”). The fact that such a world could be conceived was mind blowing. I was fascinated with everything and anything about it.

With this world, I felt like I was just reading about a normal everyday world that could be.

This book isn’t even about Jonas. It’s about Kira, which I liked. She lives in a village where people are constantly unhappy. I think that some sort of war happened and destroyed everything so the people had to start all over again. Children are smacked around and life in generally poor. If you aren’t considered “perfect” and able to work, you get sent to the Field to die.

Kira was born with a twisted leg but because of her mother, she got to live. But now she is orphaned and was on the verge of death again. Kira has an incredible gift with threads that just might save her life…

I love the Lois Lowry writes. She can take simple middle grade stories and pack a lot of mature themes in them so that young adults can still enjoy her stories. However, I just felt something lacking in this book. Maybe it was because I could picture this world that Kira lived in. When I read dystopians, I like learning about a different world that most likely couldn’t happen.

I am not disappointed enough to not continue with the quartet. I have heard that the last couple of books wraps things up, which is something that I need after Jonas’ story.



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