the chemist

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I will admit. I used to be a huge Twilight fan or Twihard, which I think is what they were called. I was Team Edward, I had read all the books at least three times, seen all the movies that were out during the craze (which was the first three) and had several articles Twilight gear. I would get super aggressive when someone even sneered at those books in the wrong direction. Needless to say, I was a fan.

I then read The Host and was pleasantly surprised that Stephenie Meyer could write something that wasn’t about angsty vampires or sad teenagers. My memories of that book is pretty vague, to be honest, but what I do remember was a really cool alien book that made me want to possibly explore the world of science fiction. However, I didn’t do that until very recently.

Now it seems that Meyer wants to delve into the world of crime, government and espionage. It’s always good to see what one can write in but I wonder if Meyer, perhaps, spread her wings too far?

Let me expand on that idea a little more. Like I mentioned in my Goodreads review, this book wasn’t terrible. It followed the life of ex government interrogator Alex (the name she uses for most of the book) running for her life from the department she used to work for. She was very top secret, hush hush person working for a department that “technically” didn’t exist and her department decided to knew too much and attempted to kill her. It clearly didn’t work.

I will say that the work Meyer put in an incredible amount of research about different branches of CIA and FBI along with the extensive knowledge of chemicals and what they can do to the human body. I can appreciate a writer that puts in that much work. This book was 500 pages easy so I know that took a very long time. So kudos to you on that, Stephenie Meyer.

I just couldn’t help but feel bored for most of the book. I didn’t really connect to any of the characters. Up until the last 30%, I was just enjoying the ride for the most part. I was confused during certain parts but for the most part, I was just there. Just kind of flowing.

Even though I didn’t connect with the characters, I enjoyed the romance between Alex and Daniel. They weren’t even my first ship but I’m glad it worked out for them. I know there is this huge black lash about how guys shouldn’t be able to change a girl and blah blah blah. Well Alex needed that. By her own admission, she was emotionally stunted and had been for a long time. She needed any sort of interaction to help her realize that not all humans want her dead.

Overall, like I said before, this wasn’t a bad book. I think people who are really into crime books will enjoy this. It had a lot of technical jargon that went over my head. I can see that this will appeal to a certain crowd, however, I do not belong to that crowd. But props to Meyer for expanding and spreading her wings.



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