angels and demons

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Oh look. I finally started digging into the massive amount of books from my thrift store shopping. What better way to start then with perhaps one of my most favorite series in the history of ever? Besides Harry Potter, of course.

I’ll share a fun fact with you all: I wanted to be a historian when I grew up. It’s a fact that not a lot of people knew about me. Some still don’t know. Before I found my calling in the field of psychology, history was my world. I even minored in history for a year at college until I was talked out of it. I regret that. This book and this series set a fire in my heart for all things old and dusty.

This is the first installment of the da Vinci Code series. The book is about Robert Langdon. He is a symbologist that teaches at Harvard University. He is called by Maximilian Kohler about a dead scientist and a missing item. The dead scientist is branded with the Illuminati symbol and it’s up to Langdon to find out if this brotherhood has started up again and find that missing item. The consequences of failure are dreadful…

I really don’t do this book justice. It’s such a fascinating blend of religion and science being forced together. It brings up the age old question of science having a place in religion. As you could probably tell, religion and science have never meshed well. There is still the battle today about teaching the Creation Story in school over evolution to give an explain.

I am a woman of science now. But once upon a time, I believed in the Creation Story. I thought that God created everything. But I also accepted evolution. It was kind a predicament that I was in. As I grew older and learned more in school, I started to realize that the Creation Story was silly. How could God make everything when there was proof of evolution everyday?

Please don’t think I am bashing on religion. I will not divulge what my religion is or how I feel about it. I respect those that respect me. If you believe in the Creation Story, then that is just fine with me. We are all entitled to our own opinion. It was just my thoughts about when I realized the truth of evolution.

I love books that make me think like this. I love books that make me question my own existence and everything that I believed in. I think it was this book, actually, that steered me to believing in science. Dan Brown presented science in an easy to grasp way and it was that moment, when I read the book the first time, that I accepted science as my “faith”.

Okay, enough with that. I think that if you want to see what I’m talking about, you should read the book. It is 700 pages paperback, though. But it honestly doesn’t feel like it is that much. It reads very fast paced. The multiple POVs help break up what could have been a potential monotony of just reading about Robert Langdon. I recommend having a bit of knowledge about the Illuminati and history of Christianity. But really, I have no complaints about this book at all, as you could probably tell.


ps. Don’t watch the movies. I love Tom Hanks but this movie series completely destroyed this book and the others. 



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