the da vinci code

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Oh my god, do I love this series! This series has yet to suffer from that “middle of the book” syndrome that us book lovers have come to know and hate.  I mean how could you hate this series? Y’all crazy if you hate this. Jesus, I’m bossy.

Anyway, I’ll get on with the review because it would otherwise turn into screeching and incoherent noises that I’m sure nobody wants to really listen too.

This takes place not right after the first book but a year or so after. It’s still fresh in Robert Langdon’s mind, though. He has just given a lecture when he is woken up by the French police. There has been a murder at the Louvre Museum and they need his knowledge in symbols to help figure who the killer is. However, Robert is quickly considered a suspect. With the help from the granddaughter of the victim, Sophie Neveu and her cryptography specialization, Robert sets out on a quest to find out who the killer is.

I seriously love how this book combines history with crime and mystery. Normally, I’m not a fan of crime and mystery books but combined with history, count me in! It wasn’t info dumpy that some historical crime books can be. The information was presented in an easy to read way and is broken up by dialogue. Often times, Robert would be telling someone the information that has never heard it, so he uses layman’s terms to help them understand, which I love!

The primary subject surrounding this book is the Holy Grail and the quest to find it. I will not say with the Holy Grail is because who wants to be spoiled on such a cool thing? All I will say is that there was a lot of controversy surrounding this book when it was first publishes and calls to protest it, which of course will make anyone want to read it. So, they really kind of failed in that aspect.

Man, this review sounds incredibly random and doesn’t make any sense. Even going back and editing, I still make about as much sense as a wall. It’s hard to talk about books like these, though, because it’s like a treasure hunt. You read all the clues and try to figure them out so you can get the treasure at the end. Plus, writing about a favored book is hard. You want people to love the book as much as you but trying to find the words to say why they should is hard. So I think I will end the review on that. So go pick up this treasure hunt today!


couple of notes: angels and demon was written after this book. back in school when i first started this series, i started with this one and then read angels and demons. it did not detract from the book but since this book does mention sporadically what happened at the Vatican, i would suggest starting with this book. 

note two: don’t watch the movies. like i mentioned in my last review, the movies are okay. this movie was a bit better than angels and demons but not much. i’m a massive tom hanks fan so it pains me to tell you not to watch one of his movies. i think he was a good Robert Langdon but the way they did the movie just kind of ruined it for me. reading this book the second time has confirmed that the movies were a trainwreck. 



3 thoughts on “the da vinci code

  1. I own this book but haven’t started it yet cause I’m not into mysteries but your review has made me reconsider it. I actually like the movie but I guess I can only say that because I haven’t read this book yet. I hope I get to it sometime this year but I may do it as an audiobook instead. Great review otherwise.

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