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Be still my heart.

It hurts. My god, does it hurt.

I have to wait until October to get my next da Vinci code fix and I’m sad about that. This series has consumed by life…and I love it.

We start the book with Robert Langdon in the hospital. He has no recollection of the past few days, which isn’t good considering there is someone trying to kill him and others that are trying to capture him. What was so different about this book was that we were at the mercy of Robert’s memory. Normally his memory is incredible but because he had amnesia, we didn’t know what was happening along with him. It was frustrating but in a good way. It made the book more mysterious.

This book talked a lot about the Divine Comedy. As you may or may not know, Divine Comedy was written by Dante. It talks about his trip into Hell and how he got out. The protagonist, Bertrand Zobrist was a huge Dante fan as is Robert. But where Robert and Zobrist differ is that Zobrist believed in the Transhumanism approach.

Transhumanism basically is the concept of using science to speed up the evolution process. Whether you believe in evolution or not, you cannot deny that there are facts that prove it exists. Humans have developed for over a millennia with different ways to survive. What Transhumanist want to do is create superhumans. They will have the vaccines already inside of them to prevent deadly diseases and they would basically live forever.

Sounds cool right?

Well, that isn’t possible…yet. Because the world is approaching max capacity. We, as a population, are outgrowing our Earth. Zobrist came up with a modern Black Plague to help with this population crisis. It’s up to Robert and his mysterious doctor Sienna Brooks to help stop it.

This book seriously had me at the edge of my seat almost the entire time I read it. There were times I had to literally put the book down and just stare at a wall in amazement because goddamn, can Dan Brown write.

I hope that this review is somewhat coherent. It’s always so hard for me to write about books that have consumed me. I want everybody to love them just as I do. Which I do that this review will help you all to find out how incredible this series is.


note: I’ve never seen the movie for this book. However, I think I will because this book was so incredible and I want to see how they took this masterpiece and put it on the big screen. As soon as I watch it, I will review it on here. 



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