april 28 thrift store haul

note: I’m sorry that this was posted a bit late. I left my books with my mom because I’m on a book buying ban. The boyfriend found out anyway because I’m horrible at keeping secrets. lol!

I orginally went to Goodwill to look at clothes with my mom. I ended up at the book section and found out that they had restocked their shelves. Even my mom was excited. I was a bit short on funds so I only was able to grab a few (but they are so worth it!) and I will be going back to buy the rest that I left behind.

As always, I will be linking the Goodreads link so you can guys can check out the books more fully.


freud’s mistress by karen mack and jennifer kaufman

fang by james patterson

allegiant by veronica roth

orange is the new black by piper kerman

pretties by scott westerfield (note: do NOT read the blurb for this book if you haven’t read Uglies and don’t want to be spoiled. The blurb spoils the end of the first book.)

angelopolis by danielle trussoni

beastly by alex flinn (fun fact of the day: I just realized that this was a series. I haven’t read the whole series. I thought it was a standalone. Good gracious, I have so many series to read!)

specials by scott westerfield (note: I wouldn’t read the blurb about this book either. They should really try and write blurbs without a lot of spoilers.)


I just have to point out a few things. I am BEYOND excited for most of these books. I have the first book in the Uglies series so to find two more (Pretties and Specials) is incredible! I only need one more. I also have a little novel that explains more about the world of Uglies. I was also excited to find Beastly. It’s a Beauty and the Beast retelling but in contemporary form.

Overall, I’m really quite excited to read these books. I will have to hunt out more of the Max Ride series and the Divergent series before I can read those and upon further research, I will have to hunt out the Beastly series. That isn’t stifling my enthusiasm in anyway.

Have any of you read read the books above? Which ones would you like to see me review on my blog? Let me know!



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