the diary of anne frank

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note: if you follow me on Goodreads, this is the same review. I felt that I wrote the Goodreads review so well that it deserved to be on my blog. 


How does one even begin to write a review on something such as this? This is someone’s personal diary. You can’t judge someone for bad sentence structure or poor choice of words or lack of dialogue. I’ve seen some negative reviews about this book and I can’t help but want to ask them if they even read the book.

My heart absolutely bleeds for Anne Frank. She has so much potential. It was obvious to me how bright and intelligent she was, even with her flaws. I think, had she lived, she clearly would have made something of herself. Perhaps we would be reading her books instead of her diary.

It just floors me that the Holocaust even happened. I mean, how could someone, just one human, cause such a mass amount of murder? How in the world could that one person even talked people into doing such terrible things to their own countryman and countrywomen? As a psychology major, I try and understand people and try to understand how they work and what makes them tick. I don’t think I even want to understand how Hitler’s mind works. I think I would be frightened of what I would find.

As I type this, I can’t help but think we are in the midst of something similar to the Holocaust. Of course, people aren’t being executed. I mean the beginnings of what led to the Holocaust. But I think of Trump and his Muslim travel ban and I can’t help but draw similarities. As someone who has studied the Holocaust (but am in no way, a pro) and what led up to it, I see a lot of the same things. To give one example, Trump uses fear, like Hitler did, to do what he wants and gets away with it.

Okay enough about Trump because otherwise we would literally be here all day. I just want to make a few more points about this book before I wrap it up.

I admire Anne’s courage. The fact that she was able to hide for 25 months and be in somewhat good spirits is amazing. I don’t think I would have been able to last even a month. The potential fear of getting caught would drive me to craziness. She took in all in stride and that is extremely admirable.

I felt so much pity for her. What was supposed to be the best years of her life were spent in hiding. I couldn’t help but feel bad for her when she chastised herself for wanting to go outside and be with friends while millions of Jews were being rounded up daily. I wanted to reach through the book and tell her she had every right to feel that way. You can’t expect a teenager to not want these things.

My last point I wanted to make is that she was so close to being liberated. I’m talking less than two months and she died. She could have made it had the Allies come just a little bit earlier. Every time I think about this, I can’t help but almost cry. Two months!

This book has revitalized my love of learning about World War II. Be on the lookout out for more of these books because after I finish my huge amount of books, I will be checking out a lot of WWII books.


note: I know that there is a movie on this book as well as countless documentaries on this book. If it’s a popular idea, I could try and find the movie adaption on Netflix and review it. Let me know if that would be a good idea and if you all would like it. 



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