5/13 thrift store haul

I went thrift store shopping again. Surprised right? Well Mom and I had the weekend off with nothing to do so of course we went shopping. We went to three different Goodwills and it paid off immensely! I had the best haul ever. I don’t think anything could top what I got.

As always, I will link each title to Goodreads. There are a few that I have read so I will link my reviews as well.



A couple of things here that I want to talk/flail about. First: I GOT THE ENTIRE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES SERIES! I kid you not, I found them in ONE STORE! There were the bottom shelf, all but forgotten. I almost had a heart attack. I grabbed them all and demanded that we find a cart at once. Mom was most confused and worried because I yelled “MOM MOM MOM LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!” and shoved them in her face. I had to explain what they were. She just looked at me.

Next, I am really excited because I completed/nearly completed several series that I have been working on buying. I have one more book in the Hunger Games series, one more in the Millennium series (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), the Uglies series, and I think only one more in the Divergent series.

I’m just excited, you guys. I have my books in a basket so I can grab them as I finish. I just stare at them lovingly every so often. It’s causing me to get killed a lot in Destiny and Overwatch. But I can’t help it. Reading is my one true passion and books just make me so happy!



5 thoughts on “5/13 thrift store haul

  1. Definitely great haul!! I didn’t know the story about the authors behind The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Thanks for sharing! I read that book long ago. I do get excited when I find a whole series in one store too. I just found The Maze Runner series last week 😊 Enjoy your books!!

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