happy father’s day

It’s father’s day! I wanted to take this time to talk a bit about my dad.

It was because of his dad, my grandpa, that I got into reading. Unfortunately, my grandpa is no longer with us but my love for reading that he instilled within me never died. Dad made sure to keep that love alive, in memory of Grandpa. I am so grateful that he did.

With my dad, I can talk about different types of books and he actually gives them a chance if I recommend something and vice versa. Although he still thinks I’m silly for loving 50 Shades. He is totally into YA, which is awesome, and he was one of the reasons I started reading the Hunger Games. I started reading more classics because of him because he likes to discuss those with me. And in turn, I started getting him to read Illuminae, which I am hoping he likes!

I am so bad with expressing myself with words so I’ll just end it here. Curse my awkwardness.

Thank you, Dad. You are truly one heck of a guy. ❤

ps. Hail to the Redskins! It’s our favorite team. This picture was on Thanksgiving. I’m wearing his sweatshirt and he is wearing the jersey I got him. 


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