ARC review: keep you safe

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Also, I’m sorry that this is incredibly long. I am very very passionate about vaccines and this book was all about that. I had a lot to say obviously. 

A super special thank you goes out to Goodreads and Harper Collins publishing/ Mira Books. Thank you so very much for allowing me to read this book beforehand. Please note that this is an uncorrected proof that I read. So some things I mention might not be in the final version of the book and that they are totally subject to change! 

My copy was also a paperback. There currently isn’t an option for the paperback edition on Goodreads. 

Expected publication for this book is August 22nd. 

Wow! I mean, I am just floored with what I read. From the first page to the last page, it was an incredible, thought provoking book. I mean, I am at a loss for words. And that twist at the end. I can’t even believe it.

Okay, let me get my thoughts in check. I took notes on this book, as I always do. It filled up the whole page plus on the side. That is how much I had to say about this book. Knowing me, I will forget to mention half of it. But I shall do my best. I also don’t want to give a lot away. I don’t know what the policy is on reviewing ARCs so I will try my best.

I’m not going to lie. Not even 20 pages in, I was mad. I was so mad that I had to put the book down and read Harry Potter to cool off. I was so infuriated with Madeline and her family. I’m not giving anything away, because it’s on the back of the book, by saying that she chose voluntarily not to vaccinate her kids due to what she and her husband read online about the MMR vaccine. For those that don’t know, MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella. The HPV vaccine was also mentioned which prevents cervical cancer.

In case you guys didn’t know, I am a huge proponent for vaccinations. It is one of things I am seriously passionate about besides mental health and LGBT rights. I was vaccinated as a child and I’m totally fine. I got the HPV when I was older and the only thing that was bad was I had sore arms for a couple of days. I know that these vaccines SAVE LIVES. There is NOTHING you can say that won’t convince me me otherwise. Yes, there is always that slim chance that someone could get sick from the vaccines but that percentage is tiny. I get so angry seeing outbreaks of diseases that are totally preventable and were nearly eradicated because of people who buy into the debunked study that vaccines cause autism.

That is another thing that really grinds my gears. Anti vaxxers are so worried that vaccines cause autism that they would rather let their child run the risk of getting a horrid disease such as polio (which can cause deformities while the child is growing) than deal with a illness that is can be managed when caught early enough. Is autism seriously worse than polio, cervical cancer, measles, etc etc etc??? Let me answer that for you. NO. NO it is not!

Alright, stepping down from the pedestal. But seriously, this book will make you angry, as you can clearly tell from my little rant above, if you are on the side that I am on. I think Melissa Hill was trying to show both sides of the story. on vaccines And I totally understand that. In fact, she really did a good job of doing it. Much to my dismay, I did start to feel pity for Madeline. I didn’t understand her reasonings why she didn’t vaccinate her children nor do I approve of it, but I felt bad for what she was going through. Obviously not enough to side with her. And I obviously disapprove of it. But still, that pity was there.

I’m going to end it here because I don’t want to give everything way. I really highly suggest that you all read this book when it comes out which is in August. This book has a lot of positives, such as the multiple POVs from everyone involved. It didn’t become too much and I actually enjoyed getting the different thoughts from people. I really can’t see any downsides to this besides maybe you’ll get angry like I did and have to put the book down for a little while. Work through that anger, as I did, and I promise that you will like this book and everything it has to offer. I’m so glad that I won the giveaway and got a chance to read this book!




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