mistborn: the final empire

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6/29/2017: On Twitter, there was a controversy surrounding Brandon Sanderson, the author of this book series. It was brought to people’s attention that Sanderson’s view on gay marriage was not good. Basically, from what I have gleaned from the tweets and some sources, he believes that gay marriage is wrong. That those in the LGBT+ community should resist the “homosexual urges” like he resists the urge to cheat on his wife. He is apparently a Mormon and this is where his beliefs stem from. 

When I started this series, I had no idea about any of this. I literally woke up, checked Twitter and saw this. I do not know where the one tweet that seemed to start this came from but a couple of people linked two different sources which I will also link so you all can see what is going on. 

I do not support what he has said about gay marriage. As I have mentioned, I am an avid supporter for the LGBT community and my blog is a safe spot. That being said, I will continue with this series because it was bought for me and I think it would be incredibly rude to not finish it.

source one

source two

I have no idea why I put this book series off for so long. Maybe it was the fear of the genre because fantasy has always scared me. Maybe it was the fear of the hype because super hyped up books have a higher potential of being awful. cough cough Caraval cough cough. Brandon Sanderson is so hyped up as this god author, right up there with Stephen King and Jk Rowling, and I have been so disappointed lately in hyped up books and authors that I didn’t want it to happen again.

I was so wrong.

This book was so cool. That was the word I was thinking while reading this book. I know, as a professional review, you think I would have more words in my arsenal. distant sarcastic laughing The world was probably my favorite thing in the entire book. Everything about the world just so fantastic and I read at the speed of light to soak it up. And there wasn’t any info dumping. Everything was told in a correct time and place. It was mentioned and then I would get slightly confused and desperate to know more and then it would be explained in such a natural way, like I had always known what it meant.

What I think really drew me in was the concept of metal and how it could be used. I haven’t read a book where one uses metal like it was used in this book. The fact that Vin and Kelsier swallow metal and use it like a form of power. I mean, that is just really cool. I could easily see that being portrayed very well in a movie, should they ever decide to make these books into movies.

Whenever the story started to feel stagnant or I felt myself getting a little bored, like with the planning scenes or the training scenes, Sanderson made something happen and I was sucked right back in. That is the sign of a good writer. And everything happened organically . Nothing happened for shock value. All the plot twists contributed to the story and weren’t just thrown in there willy nilly. Every single detail had its reasoning for being in the story. No word or sentence was wasted. I hate filler and this book had no filler.

If I could give one teeny tiny complaint, it would be the amount of characters and what all the characters could do. I had a bit of a hard time keeping track of everybody and what they did. I eventually just went with it and hoped I would figure it out on the way or remember a detail. I like a healthy amount of characters, but it did just get to be much. But this is really such a minor complaint. Because overall, this was a fantastic book and I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.




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