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And just like that, Nicholas Sparks reels me back in. I was almost done with him after the failed book, Two by Two and with the beginning of this book. I was starting to think that I had outgrown Sparks and his romances.

That all changed very quickly.

Maria was a great character! At first, she was irritating. She seemed so weak to me and I really just don’t like weak MCs, especially weak females. I was starting to get mad because she just let people walk all over her like at her job or with her family. I didn’t like her thought process most of the time. It was just too much worry, not enough do. Then, she meets Collin and explains more about herself to him. And then I realized just how strong she actually was. Her weakness was just an anxiety to be the best person she could be. She didn’t want to disappoint her parents, who were immigrants and gave so much for her and her sister. I get that and it made me like her immensely more after that.

Collin was one of the most interesting male MCs I’ve ever read. He had a very troubled past and turned his life around after one too many times of getting in trouble. He since then adapted an honesty policy. He is ALWAYS honest, no matter what. It was refreshing. He simply told Maria and everybody else exactly how it was. No matter if it hurt someone’s feelings or not. I enjoyed his POV the most because of how logical he was and the reason I mentioned above.

If it’s one thing that Nicholas Sparks can do, it’s write secondary characters well. Each and every secondary character was fleshed out very well. We didn’t get their entire past, not that I would expect it because they are secondary characters after all but each had their own personality and were easy to remember. I loved that! It really brought the book to life.

Overall, this book has restored my faith in Nicholas Sparks. I will now eagerly hunt out more books by him in the hopes that they will live up to what this book was. If anything, Nicholas Sparks has gotten better has he has gotten older. His books now seem to have more girth to them. More substance. He’s almost writing like Jodi Picoult and I’m perfectly okay with that.




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