orange is the new black book review//part 2

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As promised, this will be the second part of my rage against the prison system. If there is one thing you guys need to know about me, it’s I become extremely passionate about certain subjects. Some of those subjects include vaccinations (see my Keep You Safe review) and basic psychology courses for everyone to list just a couple of the ones that I am really concerned about right now.

I think I can now add prisoner welfare to that list.

I know what you guys are thinking. Oh, prisoners broke the law. Why do they need welfare? Well, let me tell you a little secret. I have a grandfather in prison. I won’t say what he did but he won’t be getting out for another 10 or 15 years. So you could say that OITNB (Orange is the New Black) kind of hit home for me.  Why wouldn’t my grandfather, who yes indeed broke the law, not be allowed to have some sort of rights. Isn’t he human just like everybody else?

Piper mentioned in the book that she had to take a class when her release date was coming up. This class did not mention how prisoners are supposed to get jobs, get mental health services, aide in getting their children back, etc. All that the prisoners know was that it was expected of them to get a job.

How are women supposed to get jobs if they have a record? Do they even know where to go to get help to find jobs? Well, I decided to look up some stats about women in prison in order to add more rage to my already builded up rage and to add credibility to my said rage.

Now, I’m going to be honest with you guys. I don’t know much about the prison besides what Piper mentioned in her book and what I have gleaned from MSNBC’s Lock Up and all the news stories I follow on my personal twitter. But what I do know is the the United States has the most amount of prisons then a lot of the other countries. In fact, our prisons are full to bursting.

So I found this site called The Sentencing Project, to see if there was information about being in prison that could back that claim up because I can’t remember where I had originally heard it from. They work for a fair and effective U.S criminal justice system by promoting reforms in sentencing policing and other things like that. I shall link them so you guys can take a look at their site. What I found was really surprising.

Women incarceration has been on the rise by over 700% from the years of 1980 to 2014. That is quite a bit if you ask me. That was just one of the many stats I saw on one spreadsheet. There were so much more and it was all the more shocking. I’d list them all, but then we’d be here all day.

I would think that it would make sense to make some sort of system to prepare those that have a shorter sentence so they won’t be tempted to go back to their old ways and get locked up again.

I think I will end this rant here. To be honest, I have no idea why I even began to write this thing. All I know is that I was so upset by the prison system and reading this book that I had to express my feelings about it. If you guys have stuck with me on this post so far, then thank you. I know it’s totally deviates from what I normally do. But I get so passionate about things and I just have to express them.

My last post will about the TV show where I talk about the differences from the movie and the book (there is a lot). I have yet to see all the episodes (I’m only about 3 or 4 away) but I don’t think that will hinder my ability to review the TV show and compare it with the book.




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