boy meets boy

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For such a short novel, this was incredibly impactful and made my heart happy. I had no idea what I was going to be getting into it. I had only seen a few reviews and they were meh at best. Normally, I shy away from 200 page novels. I find that they just don’t have enough meat. By the time I get into the story, it’s over. There isn’t enough time for character development or anything like that. I usually just ended up disappointed.

I experienced none of that with this book. Within its short 200+ pages, I got a sense of who everyone was and how the played a part in Paul’s life. No character was just there for the sake of being there. There was no filler, which is good. Because with a 200 page novel, filler would have destroyed it. Everything that was done, was done with reason. I loved that. I hate it when things happen for no reason.

What I loved so much about this book was how accepting everybody was. Paul was accepted for who he was right away. The high school Paul attended was just so chill. The town he lived in was open and accepting. I mean, it was so incredibly. If only we could live in such a wonderful place. What this book offered for a setting is seriously a dream that I wish we could make happen.

Paul, as a character, was good and I connected with him well. I do find it hard to connect to teenage boys because well…I’m not a teenage boy. I liked how he knew himself and made no apologies for it. He is simply just a normal teenage boy trying to make it through high school and the changes it brings, like losing friends and finding new loves. I thought he handled everything that was thrown his way remarkably well. He truly just wanted to do the right thing for everybody and I can’t find fault in that.

I hope that everybody takes a couple hours (because that’s how long it took me. Your results may vary) and read this book. Sure, it takes place in a pretty unrealistic setting but who doesn’t love a feel good coming of age story? I know I sure do!




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