july wrap up

Oh look. It’s July. Half of the year has come and gone. I know I say this just about every month but seriously where did the time go? Seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my birthday (it’s in January).

I read a whopping 17 books. I feel like that isn’t a lot but my mom keeps telling me that it is. I feel like I’m slacking. A slump threatened but I was able to hold it back by reading some incredible books. Hopefully, it stays far away. Because nobody has time for reading slumps.

As always, I’ll link either my Goodreads review or blog post. Bolded titles will equal to my favorite ones. This month nothing topped Scythe but Project Pandora was up there as a contender.

*Note: Read the Ruin and Rising review at your own risk. It’s one giant spoiler because I talked about the series as a whole.

Do you guys see any of your favorites on there? Any books you hated? Any books that I should have read? Let me know! I love hearing (reading) your guy’s opinions.




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