#ARCtober week 1 ending update

Well, today marks the ending of Week 1 for #ARCtober. How has everyone’s reading being going so far? I have read all ARCs with the exception of one and honestly, it was One Dark Throne so you know I was going to have to read that ASAP. Signed edition, maaaan!

Anyway, here is my update on what I read so far with links to the reviews. Next post, which I will post right after this one, will be Week 2 and what you can expect from me during that week.

Currently Reading

the wife between us

Week 1 Read Books

beautiful animals    approximately yours    just one of the boys

Well that is it! It doesn’t seem like much but I feel accomplished! Next week should be pretty productive for me as well! This has been a very fun event so far and it’s been awesome to see people participating!

If you would still like to join in on the #ARCtober fun, feel free too! I know schedules can get pretty busy. You are more than welcome to join whenever you want! Even on the last week. This is a laid back, stress free event.




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