down the tbr hole #1

I’ve been seeing this float around for awhile now and it has me intrigued. I would love to be able to sort out my TBR and get it down to a reasonable amount. Right now, it’s currently at 465, which I think is quite a bit. I always feel so overwhelmed looking at my TBR and trying to find something to read. I want to get things under control. And that’s exactly what this tag will do!

Props, as always, goes to the original creator. I’m not sure sure who it is but if someone would let me know so I can tag them and give them the credit they deserve.

how it works:

  • go to your goodreads to be read shelf.
  • put the order on ascending date added. (it’s at the bottom with a scroll bar)
  • take the first 5 or 10 books, depending on how much you want to do.
  • read the synopsis of the book. (obviously)
  • make the ultimate decision: does it stay or go?
  • keep track of where you left off so you can finish it next week or however many times you want to do this.

the first 5 books:

wwz This is the first book I ever added to my TBR. It was added January 11, 2016. It has survived several purges, surprisingly. But I think it might be time to let it go. I added it when I was in a zombie phase and I think, for now I have outgrown that phase. Perhaps it will be re added again.

Decision: Remove


So I actually think I own this. I might have bought it on my thrift store shopping sprees. I originally added it because my boyfriend loves Stephen King and I’ve seen all the Carrie movies with the Chloe Grace Moretz one being my favorite. I think I will keep it because this seems like a good segue into starting Stephen King.

Decision: Keep

the lost tudor princess

I went on a I’m going to add every since Alison Weir book to my TBR phase. I really did think I added every since book of hers (we’ll find out when I do more of these). Sad thing is, I don’t remember who Lady Margaret Douglas is. So I think for now, I will remove this book. There are other historical fiction books that I want to get to first.

Decision: Remove

the queens fool

This is a book I added after I found out that Philippa Gregory had a whole Tudor/Plantagenet series. I had been reading the series completely out of order and I wanted to make sure that I had every book of this series read. This is going to stay because it’s part of that series.

Decision: Keep

the lady of the rivers

This is the beginning of the series that I mentioned in the book above. There has been many mentions of this Lady of the Rivers in the books following this series but because I read it out of order, I really didn’t know what they were talking about. This definitely needs to be a keep because it’s one step closer to me finishing this series.

Decision: Keep

Well that concludes this first segment of Down the TBR hole. I removed two and kept three, which I think was a fair trade. This was a really good idea and I’m going to keep up with it for a while. At least until my TBR is down to a reasonable amount again. That means I won’t be adding anymore books on the shelf for a long time. Fingers crossed I can actually do it!




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