arc review: girls made of snow and glass

girls made of snow and glass

A special thank you goes out to Flatiron books and Goodreads for giving me a copy of this early! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

publication date: september 5

For a while, this book was kind of boring. I enjoyed aspects of it but I had to force myself to read it at times. I liked learning about Mina’s past and how she came to have her glass heart and her horrible self esteem. I like Lynet and learning about her. I liked the aspect of magic that was used. It gave the world a different twist to it. But together, I’m not sure. I just couldn’t connect with with the characters on a level that I wanted too.

But there were a couple things that I loved. I loved the LGBT rep! It’s so hard to find that kind of rep in historical fiction type books. It’s not like it didn’t exist but often times, it’s simply forgotten or talked about in a very negative tone. It was very natural and wasn’t forced, which is something I always look for. It’s natural in the real word, why can’t it be natural in the book world?

I also appreciate that this story is about family and blended families. Too often, step parents are given that horrible rep. And yes, it is true that step parents can be horrible. There are often step parents are loving and wonderful. I love that this book explored both of those sides equally. The entire plot was Lynet trying to fix her relationship with her stepmom, Mina. I adored that!

I guess I don’t really have that much to say about this book otherwise. It was just kind of so so for me. I didn’t bond with Mina or Lynet. I cared very deeply about them but other than that, I didn’t feel much else for them. I’m glad my ship worked out. I just wish we could have gotten more of a history of the kingdom. It felt very one dimensional. I can see why others just adored it but it wasn’t for me.




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