dangerous games

dangerous games

I know I know. I said I wouldn’t read DS for a while. I felt like her books were getting a wee bit repetitive and I wanted a change of scenery. However, this book was different. This was more grittier than what she normally does. It was very reminiscent of The Prodigal Son, which was insane on many levels and was completely unlike DS.

This book deals with Alix, an award winning journalist, and Olympia, who is the wife of assassinated president hopefully Bill Foster. The POVs are third person with Alix and Olympia but that doesn’t hinder the story in anyway. DS has a way of writing third person that makes you connect with each of the characters as if you were in their own mind. That gift comes from years of work and practice.

I like that this book deals with everyday situations. Alix deals with the constant dangers of her job, as she is sent to some very dangerous places with her cameraman, Ben. This book even deals with the aftermath of school shootings, which is something that is becoming frighteningly common. Olympia’s life is more of dealing with depression and survivor’s guilt, which is still just as dangerous. DS brought a human touch to this book and I appreciate it. Her books have a history of getting a little unrealistic.

Overall, I’m impressed with this book. This is a different DS than what one normally sees and I liked it. I hope that the new DS books continue with this trend of being more gritty and more focused on real life. Her books tends to get a little unrealistic at times, as I mentioned above. But, I’m impressed with this one so far and will be buying this book for my own collection.




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