arc review: saving it

saving it

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this early. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

expected publication date: november 6

I loved this book! You are going to hear me say that a lot during this review. The minute I started it, I knew that I would just adore it. Eden and Josh are easily my favorite POVs and characters. Each of them were so humorous in their own way with their fun personalities. Even when I wanted to smack their heads together at their stubbornness, I still loved them.

I think of the best things about this book was that it felt like I was a teenager while reading. Sometimes, I find that adults have a hard time writing teens. They try too hard and make them sound incredibly stilted. Or try to throw in weird lingo that was cool in the 90s. Monica Murphy knows how to write teenagers. Sometime tells me she probably has teens herself.

Although I’m confused. Don’t teenagers text each other anymore? Or is it all about that Snapchat? Which I honestly still haven’t figured out. Gosh, I’m old. *insert grey haired grandma emoji here*

Another positive to this book was the POV switching back and forth. It switched from Josh to Eden in the middle of chapters. Now normally, that would infuriate me and I’d probably chuck the book at a wall. Not with this. I seriously loved the way the format was. I felt more bonded to the characters because I got to read both sides of their story.

Honestly, you guys got to check this book out. It’s so endearing and heartfelt. I just feel so fuzzy after reading this. I honestly want to go back and re-read it because I loved it that much. I hope we got a Molly and Abraham story! I liked those two. Come November, I’m going to get me a physical copy of this book because I just loved it.




5 thoughts on “arc review: saving it

  1. So glad to hear you enjoyed this one! I love anything warm and fuzzy to keep my heart alive this coming winter hahaha
    Sounds perfect for that! Oh, and I think teens do communicate over social media a lot more rather than texting. I do that too now, and didn’t actually realize it until recently 😂
    Amazing review!

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