wonder woman: warbringer

wonder woman

I wanna know who let me read this book, knowing full well it was going to destroy me. I’m basically feeling all the feelings I felt in Illuminae. How I’m going to compose an elegant review of this book when I can barely contain my excitement? I can’t even type, I’m that excited.

Okay, so I don’t know much about Wonder Woman. I knew, of course, that was Amazonian and part of the Justice League. I think her and Batman had a thing for a while as well but don’t quote me on that. I know that she comes from the island of Themyscira, where they do not allow mortals and men and they worship goddesses.

Alright, I might know a little more than I thought. Moving on.

This book was AMAZING. And no, I’m not being prejudice because Leigh Bardugo is becoming one of my favorite authors. Leigh brought Wonder Woman to life! I loved that this was a story of her coming of age. Those are my favorite types of books. I love seeing a hero realize that they are indeed the hero.

The world building and character development was out of this world. We got glimpses of Diana’s childhood and how the island came to be along with flashbacks of Alia’s life. Everything was explained in a manner that made sense. There was no info dumping. You can clearly tell that Leigh’s strength is in her world building and character development.

I loved all the rep that was in this book as well. We had a character that was bi, several black characters along with several other nationalities. And it was all just totally accepted. That is incredible!

I’m very anxious to see if there will be more to this. I know that it’s part of the DC Icons series but I would love to see Wonder Woman expanded. I would love to see a collab with other heroes and maybe of her time in the Justice League? The possibilities are literally endless.

Regardless of whether or not this book gets more, I am satisfied. This was a great first book to the DC Icons series and I am anxious to see more out of the other brilliant authors. Especially Batman. The book may be long but I promise that it’s worth it.




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