arc review: disturbed


A special thank you goes out to Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer publishing for allowing me to read this early! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

TW: mentions of child abuse/neglect

expected publication date: november 7

How does one even begin to write a review for a thriller? How do one even begin to explain the dread and terror one feels while reading a thriller? The fear of the unknown? It’s almost impossible. But I will do my best.

The book right away starts you out with a scene of gruesomeness. Chelsea survived an attack and the murder of her two roommates. The book then fast forwards five years to Chelsea slowly healing from it all. She has a lot of memory issues and she’s still very afraid but she is doing her best to move on. Until she starts getting threatening messages from the killer and all her hard work of rehabilitating starts to go downhill.

From the get go, I was hooked. Chelsea’s POV, which was in third person like all the others, was interesting to read. I felt her anxiety and her fear. I felt her shame and her pity about being so afraid and being just to debilitated to try and get better. She was completely unreliable at times, going back and forth on her feelings and events that transpired, due to her memory loss issues. But I didn’t mind it. It made focus on what was going on and to remember those details for later.

There were other POVs too, such as Boyd, who was her friend from when the murders happened at the time. Elizabeth, whom she met at a psychiatric hospital. Detective Lang, who was first involved in the murders/attack. Each brought something to table and added another piece to the puzzle of what truly happened the night Chelsea was attacked.

I just felt so much fear and suspicion of everybody. I thought that everybody was a suspect and I couldn’t trust a damn soul. This kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time and there were times I had to put the Kindle down and just stare at nothing, trying to gather my thoughts. That’s when I know a book is good.

Overall, I liked this book a lot. Everything about it was creepy and unsettling. I’m going to be looking into her other work with the hopes that it will be as good, if not better, as this. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to be completely unsettled and disturbed during the entire book.


…that sounds weird, doesn’t it?




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