fancasting the marauders

This is completely out of the norm for me in terms of what I usually post. But my best friend and I were talking the other day about who we would like to see play the Marauders if there was ever a movie released. Course, we need a book or seven first. Regardless, I wanted to show our thoughts on the decisions we came too based on what others have said and our own personal thoughts.

ezra miller

Ezra Miller as Sirius Black

The internet seems to be in an agreement on this pick. Ezra Miller would do very well as Sirius. He was amazing in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Justice League has yet to released, where he will play Flash but I’m sure he will do amazing.

He not only looks like a young Sirius but I think he definitely has enough acting ability to play the dramatic Sirius. Because let’s be serious, Sirius is the King of Drama. (Only one dies tonight- Prisoner of Azkaban, anyone?)

andrew garfield

Andrew Garfield as Remus Lupin

Fun little fact: my best friend absolutely adores Lupin. He plans on getting a tattoo of something Lupin related and whenever we talk about HP, Lupin is always brought up. While we were discussing this, I showed her a picture of Andrew Garfield, which was another popular choice as Lupin. He about died and was completely set on him being Lupin. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t seen Garfield in anything.

I haven’t seen the Spider Man that he is in so I can’t speak for his acting chops but he certainly looks like he could be a young Lupin.

jamie bell

Jamie Bell as Peter Pettrigrew

I had seen this person before in different fancasts while researching. But it took us a really long time to find this guys name. I have no idea who is he. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything but he certainly looks like Peter.

….That probably sounds like insult. Because of what Peter does. Oops.

aaron johnson

Aaron Johnson as James Potter

We honestly didn’t want this person as James Potter but we couldn’t find anyone better. My best friend and I couldn’t find anyone else that resembled James. But this is a very popular idea around the internet and so we know when to admit defeat. I found more pictures of him where he looks like a student and we were a little more convinced.

I hope you all like that. I know that most of the choices were very popular if you do some research on Google or Pinterest. Honestly, it was fun to talk about HP with my best friend and do this.

Did you agree with our thoughts? Disagree? Let me know!




4 thoughts on “fancasting the marauders

  1. I know what you mean about it being hard to find a perfect James! It’s controversial but I kinda hate Aaron Taylor Johnson and Karen Gillan as Jily but I’ve still yet to find anyone just right. Plus it’s hard to find alternatives because every marauders edit ever uses the same four people haha!

    I quite like Blake Steven for James but I’m still not 100% sure. As for Sirius, Ezra Miller is great, as is the more traditional Ben Barnes but I think Luke Pasqualino has to be my favourite! Do you have any thoughts for a Lily fancast?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m such a horrible fan. My friend and I didn’t even think of someone for Lily. Maybe I shall do a women of the HP world fancast! I saw a few pictures of some people’s ideas while I was searching for James but didn’t dig too closely into it.
      There was another guy for Sirius that we thought about as well but I don’t remember his name. It might be the person you mentioned. lol. My friend really didn’t like Aaron Johnson either but like you said, it’s hard to find alternatives because everybody uses the same person.


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