down the tbr hole #3

because I don’t have a book review for you all, as I’m currently reading the monster book of Anne Boleyn, here is another down the tbr hole. 

I am back with more of trying to clean out my tbr. It’s currently at 460 because I think I added like 10 more books. I really was trying to have some some control but I think I have failed. For this particular one, I will do 20 in order to try and finish this before the year is up.

As always, props to the creator! Without for ado, let’s do this.

note: many of the books coming up are parts of series. In order to save space and not to appear redundant, I will combine the series and make a decision, as a whole, to keep or discard them. 

how it works:

  • go to your goodreads to be read shelf.
  • put the order on ascending date added. (it’s at the bottom with a scroll bar)
  • take the first 5 or 10 books, depending on how much you want to do.
  • read the synopsis of the book. (obviously)
  • make the ultimate decision: does it stay or go?
  • keep track of where you left off so you can finish it next week or however many times you want to do this.

the next 20 books

Yes, I know that this is five books. But this will count as one. Because they are all mini stories from the Beautiful Creatures series. So all these will stay because I adored this series.

Decision: Keep

I swear to you guys that I can count. Honest. But this is a spin off of Beautiful Creatures from the POV of Ridley and Link, whom I just adored.

Decision: Keep

This series is by JK Rowling under a different name. At first, I was super stoked to find more writings of Rowling because she is queen and I adore her. But after reading the first book’s synopsis, I don’t think these are for me.

Decision: Remove

This is part of The Giver series, I really want to continue with this, especially since Son ties in everything.

Decision: Keep

the mercy seller

I read the first book of this series and even though it was so so, I am anxious to continue the series and get the answers I didn’t get from the first one.

Decision: Keep

the revised fundamentals of caring

I watched the movie on Netflix, starring Paul Rudd, and I absolutely adored it! I kind of do want to read the book but I don’t want the movie to be ruined to me. I know, that’s backwards.

Decision: Remove

the six wives of henry

I added this during an I’m going to add everything Alison Weir phase. But I saw the date on this and it seems just a tad on the dated side for me. There are more history books I want to read.

Decision: Remove

nicholas and alexandra

I actually own this. This was a thrift store find and I had just finished reading Catherine the Great by him and I loved it. So for now, this is going to be kept on the list.

Decision: Keep

peter the great

I also went on a I‘m going to add everything Robert K Massie phase. I really do have a problem with that. To be honest, I’m not that interested in Peter the Great. It’s time to let this one go.

Decision: Remove

the romanovs

I was really interested in learning about the Romanovs for a quite a while. They were an interesting family and it was tragic what happened to them. However, my interest has waned and I’m not burning to learn more about them.

Decision: Remove

the last courts of europe

To be honest, I have no idea what this about. The synopsis on Goodreads reveals nothing.

Decision: Remove

queen isabella

I’m torn about this one. I want to keep it because I told myself that I would study different monarchs besides King Henry VIII but at the same time, I don’t really have any interest in Queen Isabella.

Decision: Remove (might be added back later)

mary boleyn

Ah yes, the other Boleyn. I have always wanted to learn more about Anne’s sister after I read The Other Boleyn Girl.

Decision: Keep

the princes in the tower

Another rather old Alison Weir book. This one is about King Edward V and his younger brother who were sent to live in the Tower of London and they mysteriously died. I’m interested but not that interested.

Decision: Remove

the lady in the tower

I think this one will be removed. Alison Weir is releasing six books all based on the wives King Henry and I’m positive that Anne’s time in the Tower of London will be talked about in that book.

Decision: Remove

off the page

I really liked the first book and I’m anxious to see how Delilah and Oliver work in the real world.

Decision: Keep

christmas in purgatory

I was told to read this because of my love for psychology. But honestly, reading things like this hurts my heart.

Decision: Remove


I own this and I’m planning to read it quite soon.

Decision: Keep

behind closed doors

I’ve seen mixed reviews on this but I can’t wait to read it. The synopsis sounds like it is going to be a psychological thriller and I have been really getting into those.

Decision: Keep

short stories from hogwarts

Is this even up for debate?

Decision: Keep

links to the group series:

Dream Dark

Dangerous Creatures

Dangerous Dream

Dangerous Deception

The Mortal Heart

The Seer’s Spread

Before the Claiming

A Gatlin Wedding

The Cuckoo’s Calling

The Silkworm

Career of Evil



Well this was certainly a long one. I hope you all enjoyed that. If you think that the books I removed are worth reading, let me know and I’ll think about adding them back onto my list.




5 thoughts on “down the tbr hole #3

  1. Love your detailed TBR purge! I do want to read the Cormoran Strike series too. And that Giver series, you don’t think skipping the other books will miss out on anything important? Good luck with your TBR! I do find myself adding more than I read every month haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure. I have heard that skipping the second and third book is okay because it has nothing to do with Jonas. But I have heard that the fourth book will tie in everything so I’m not entirely sure to be honest.
      Thank you! lol. I am been trying to hard to not add any books unless they are part of a series that I need to read next but it’s soooooo difficult! Everything just sounds so good!

      Liked by 1 person

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