anne boleyn: a king’s obsession

anne boleyn
rating: 3.5 stars

Well, this wasn’t what I was expecting. And that is both good and bad. Of course, I shall explain because this is a review.

When I heard that Alison Weir was doing a six book series of the wives of King Henry, I was ecstatic. Philippa Gregory has some some books about the wives but never to this extent, where the book was strictly about them. I thought for sure that this was going to be very informative.

Katharine of Aragon was a fascinating creature. I admired her strength and her capacity for love, despite everything Henry put her through. She truly was a remarkable woman.

As for Anne, I felt…disappointed? Is that the word I’m looking for? It’s 4am CST, I’ve been awake for longer than 12 hours and the screen is blurry so you will have to forgive my confusion.

See, I had always thought of Anne to be this wily seductress who was borderline a b-word, if you will. I thought of her and her family to be ruthless and they wanted nothing more than to have all the power by any means necessary.

But what I got with Anne was something different. I had no idea she was such a well learned woman for her time. I also had no idea she was quite the feminist. It was awesome to learn about that her. It gave me a whole new respect for her as well. I think she really should have been born later in life. She would have really done well in our time, I think.

However, I could get over the boredom I felt while I read this book. Most of this book was her constantly repeating herself about her desire to have power and hating men. Then, once she sunk her hooks into Henry, I read about her wait to marry him and become Queen all while she raged at Katharine and Princess Mary. It got really old real quick. It felt like all she did was wait around, mope or yell at everybody.

Regardless of how I felt about Anne, I’m glad I read this book. My eyes have been opened to how mistreat Anne was and how she really didn’t deserve to be executed. I hope she gets some sort of royal pardon because I truly think she deserves.

I am anxious to read about Jane Seymour. As far as I remember, she wasn’t that interesting. I hope Alison Weir is able to breath some life into her.




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