acadia: my wip about a school and a girl that love poisons

I thought I would take this time to talk about my wip. For those that don’t know what wip means, it’s work in progress. I will admit, I have been slacking on it. Once November started, I was suddenly hit with a writer’s block. I had written an intense scene that I wasn’t thrilled with and it just immediately put me in a writer’s block. Which sucks because before that, I had written a really good action scene that I was really proud of.

However, the block is slowly lifting. On my vacation, my brother and I came up with a list of poisons and potions that my MC will use along with some possible plot ideas and even sequels that I could write. My brother actually came up with a really cool concept that I’m going to try and use involving flashbacks. My boy is so smart!

Okay, enough of me giving you all excuses. You came here for quality content and I am but a humble servant to the masses. Here is my synopsis of my novel, Acadia (which is subject to change because I found out that Acadia is a type of car):

Alice and Lily are best friends and each other’s entire world. But when Alice is captured along with another agent, Lucifer, Lily enlists the help of Zala, a hacker, to find Alice and get her home. 

But Lily and Zala are not prepared for what they unearth in the Acadia Agency’s database. They must flee and or risk getting their memories erased. 

Together Lily, Zala, Alice and Lucifer must figure out what is really going at Acadia and if they can trust in their teachers, the agency itself…and each other. 

What do you guys think? I am open to any and all criticism. I would love to be able to better myself as a writer. I am one of those that writes things on the fly and kind of plans as I go. I write until the words are done and then look back at what I have and construct some idea of where I want to go.

I don’t have a Pinterest board yet but I’ll make one eventually. I hope to finish this before November ends but if not, it will be something I’ll continue to work on until it’s done. I am really excited about this and even if nothing happens, I’ll still be proud of myself for doing something like that.

Let me know how your NaNoWriMo is going or any wip you guys might have going on. I love reading ideas for books and I generally get really excited about anything. 



4 thoughts on “acadia: my wip about a school and a girl that love poisons

  1. First of all, I had no idea Acadia was a type of car but I do like the name. I personally don’t think you should change it just because of a car. Lots of things have the same name 🙂

    I think your WiP sounds interesting but the summery leaves me wanting to know a little more (what is Acadia? Who are the people? Students, since they have teachers? That kind of thing) I would suggest adding in a few more descriptive words in places just to offer some more information 🙂 just a suggestion.

    My WiP is called The Power of Whispers. I have a synopsis but I don’t like it much, definitely needs work… lol. It’s a heroic fantasy novel set in a world that I hope to write many other novels in as well 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! As I read my synopsis to make this post, I realized that it did need a little more something to it. I will def work on adding something to make it even better.
      I really like that title! There is like an air of mystery around it!


  2. I really like the summary of your WIP. It sounds really interesting. Can’t wait to hear more about it!
    My WIP is still Untitled, and the summary that I had for it has changed a lot, so I don’t really have that right now. Basically, it’s about a boy that can suddenly see things that no longer exist. It’s a young adult contemporary at the moment. 🙂

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