down the tbr hole #5

I’m back with another down the tbr hole. It’s nearing the end of the year and I need to get this done before my time runs out. I want to start fresh in 2018. I got some big plans that I want to do and I need a fresh tbr to make that happen. Okay, well I don’t need a fresh one, I would just like it.

This will be around 20 books with a couple put together to save space. The next few will be bumped up to 30 or so.

Props to Lost in a Story for the creation of this tag.

the next 20 books;

the exorcist

I own this book and I told my other half that I would this so we can compare it to the movie, which we both have seen.

Decision: Keep


I don’t even have to read the synopsis to know I’m not getting rid of this. I loved the Da Vinci Code series.

Decision: Keep

the alchemist

I actually got this from the library since I misplaced my copy.

Decision: Keep

Back when I was a young thing, I loved The Host. However, I’m not really feeling it anymore. It’s supposed to be a trilogy but I think I’m done with it. *links will be at the bottom of this post

Decision: Remove

now i rise

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book, it piqued my interest enough to want to read the second.

Decision: Keep


I have read one book about VictoriaI and I added this in an effort to learn more about monarchs beside King Henry VIII.

Decision: Keep

the song of achilles

I added this because there were so many positive reviews on it. However, I’m not super interested in Greek mythology right now.

Decision: Remove

between shades of gray

I’m not entirely sure why I added this. Pretty cover though.

Decision: Remove

the romanovs

Oh look. Another book about the Romanovs. Why in the world did I add so many?!

Decision: Remove

return once more

This concept sounds incredible and I completely forgot about it until now.

Decision: Keep

the space between

I’m torn. I really like the cover and the concept but I don’t think I’ll ever get around to reading it.

Decision: Remove (might be added later)


I added this after I read The Memores of a Geisha. I’m not really that intrested in it now.

Decision: Remove

the masked heir

It sounds interesting but I’m not dying to read it.

Decision: Remove

inifity lost

Sounds alright but not dying to read it.

Decision: Remove


I forgot about this book and as I read the snyopsis, I’m super intrigued!

Decision: Keep


It sounds interesting but eh, I don’t know.

Decision: Remove (might be added later)

time and regret

I’m not feeling this one.

Decision: Remove

broken angel

This is about WWII and it sounds amazing!

Decision: Keep

we are the ants

Please don’t hate me, friends, but I’m just not that interested in reading this book.

Decision: Remove

a dangerous inheritence

Another Alison Weir left over binge. I’m not feeling it.

Decision: Remove

links to the host series;

the host

the seeker 

the soul

Well that is it! I got rid of 14 books! That’s incredibly. I have added a couple recnently but there were just ones from when I finished a book in a series and the one book I have been looking for for years that I’ve finally found thanks to Twitter.

Let me know if I should have kept the ones I got rid of. Or get rid of more books.






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