about me tag: come and learn a little bit more about your favorite ravenclaw

I haven’t done a tag in a minute so I decided why not do one now? I kind of in between books and watching a playthrough of Amnesia (which, by the way, is NOT living up to the scariness that it’s been hyped up to have. Either that or I need to find another playthrough) and I really wanted to do some blog posts.

I don’t think I was tagged in this but it looks fun so I’m going to do anyway. Props to the creator!


Can you stop reading at any time, or does it have to be a certain page or chapter?

I can stop whenever really. I prefer to stop at the end of a chapter so I know where I am but that doesn’t always happen.

Do you eat or drink anything whilst reading?

I usually have a soda or an energy drink on hand. I eat snacks sometimes while I read but not like a full course dinner.

Can you read listening to music or watching TV?

I used to be able to listen to music while reading but I got too distracted. Now I have Forensic Files on in the background while I read.

One book at a time, or several at once?

Depends. Sometimes I will have multiples but usually I don’t.

Reading at home or everywhere?

I can read at home but sometimes it’s distracting. I read at work usually.

Reading out loud or silently in your head?

Silently in my head.

Do you read ahead, or skip pages?

No…I try not too anyway.

Breaking the spine or keeping it new?

I’m always breaking the spines. I don’t know how to not do that.

Do you write books, or just read them?

Read but I’m kind of sort of writing a thing that may or may not be something.

5 of my favorite books (links to Goodreads);

I’m just going to pick 5 books from my favorites shelf on GR. It’s too hard for me to think of my absolute favorites. I’m also not putting Harry Potter on here because I would just be redundant. We all know that it’s my most favorite thing ever.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki

Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K Massie

The Merciless by Danielle Vega

Scythe by Neil Shusterman

What is the last book you read?

The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes

about me;

Name: Lacy

Name meaningAccording to namemeaning.com, it means lace-like. I suppose I could have figured that one out for myself.

Named after anyone: No but my middle name, Miri, is used in my family.

Hair color: dirty blonde

Hair length: medium length. I’m overdue for a haircut.

Eye color: blue.

My birthday: January 27

Height: 5’ 6”

Place of birth: Iowa

Currently Living: Iowa

Star Sign: Aquarius

Best feature: my lips

Braces: nope although I should have.

Piercings: I had earings once when I was a teenager but had to let them close due to my severe metal allergy and skin issues.

Tattoos: I wish.

Right or Left Handed: right handed.

Pets: my mom has a dog that I claim as my own.

Siblings: yes, I sure do.

Do you have kids: no.

How many children do you want: none. I’ll be the proud aunt.

What would you name your children: No kids for this lady but I have several wonderful dog names picked out.

Marriage: In a relationship with one of the best dudes around!

What did you want to be when you grow up: In my lifetime I have wanted to be a fashion designer, radio DJ, psychologist, historian, and photographer.

Career goals: to either be a world renowned psychologist or an award winning photographer for National Geographic.

Hobbies: reading, photography and playing some good ole’ video games.

Five random facts about me;

I love Supernatural.

I have a fascination with the paranormal but you will never catch me playing a ouija board.

I haven’t had a panic attack in over two years.

I used to watch the Spanish Channel when I was younger simply for the soap operas. Couldn’t understand a lick of spanish.

I don’t like To Kill a Mockingbird.


Five favorite films;

Harry Potter

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 2007 remake with Trey Songz)

Forrest Gump

Five favorite songs;

The entire Infinity on High album by Fall Out Boy (really anything Fall Out Boy)

Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco (but also anything Panic!)

Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance (the entire Welcome to the Black Parade album is nice)

Really those three bands are my life.

TV shows;

Bob’s Burgers

American Dad

Family Guy


The Exorcist: The TV Show




I don’t really follow any booktubers but I do follow these YouTubers for gaming;


Game Grumps/Kitty Kat Gaming




I follow these Youtubers for vlogs;

Roman Atwood

Meghan McCarthy

BF vs GF (Jeana)

Jesse (used to be Prank vs Prank)

Extra Youtubers;

Dude Perfect

Good Mythical Morning


Tacos from Taco Bell

Alfredo of any variety except broccoli



Monster or Rockstar Energy

Mountain Dew

Boone’s Farm Fuzzy Navel






Ruby Tuesdays

this amazing mexican restaurant in my hometown


Barnes and Noble



Bath and Body Works


Bath and Body Works Brown Sugar and Fig


Colors: black, purple, red

Music genre: anything but country.


Holiday: Valentine’s day if you count that as a holiday.

Concert: Shinedown

Best friend: Katie


Feeling: exhausted

Eating: just finished a sub

Watching:  Forensic Files and TheRadBrad’s playthrough of Amnesia

Wearing: work shirt and sweats

Do you?

Believe in miracles: sure.

Believe in love at first sight: of course!

Believe in ghosts: without a doubt yes.

Believe in aliens: yes. our universe is so big, how could we not be alone?

Believe in soulmates: yes!

Believe in Heaven/Hell: yes, of course.

Believe in kissing on the first date: if you are feeling it, then yeah.

Believe in yourself: lol. sometimes.


If you won the lottery, what would you buy: get a new apartment, a Dodge Dart, get my mom a better apartment and a house in Georgia along with pay all my bills and buy a crap ton of books and gaming merch.

Your favorite/worst subject in High School: my favorite was history and my worst was math.

Subject you were best at?: History.

Sports do you play/Have you played: no. I was not gifted in hand eye coordination.

Phone – (iOS v Android): iPhone.

Something you wish you were talented at: Public Speaking.

First thing you notice about people: eyes.

On top of your bucket list: to go Universal Studios and see the Harry Potter World.

3 long term goals:

Schooling- get that started, done with, something.

Get better lenses for my camera.

Get my books organized.

3 short term goals:

Get some totes for my books.

Finish my spreadsheet of my books.

Finish my story I started.

What are you doing today to help you achieve those goals:

Literally nothing. I am awesome.

3 things you’d take with you to a desert island:

One of those things that turns water drinkable.

Something to sterilize food that I would ultimately have to catch.

Is a boat an option?

Biggest accomplishment: Reading 150 books in a year. I’m still going!

Ideal first date for you: Really anything. I’m so chill and laid back. It’s the thought that counts for me.

Something you look for in a partner: Someone that understands that my anxiety makes me do weird things that a lot of people don’t understand.

Something you dislike: People that do not do their job.

Special talents: I know a lot of useless trivia. For example did you know that if you startle a vulture it will puke on you? There. That’s a thing you know.

Favorite fairytale: I don’t think I really have one.

App you use most: Twitter/Facebook.

Piece of technology can you not live without: My phone.

Countries have you visited:  Canada. It was nice. The people there are very nice.

Countries would you like to visit?: The UK, Ireland, Russia

Random final questions;

Summer or Winter: Winter because I really bad allergies and winter is the best time for me because everything is frozen.

Furthest you’ve ever been from home: Savannah Georgia.

Sweet or savory: sweet.

Last time you cried: oh god, I cry all the time.

Do you use sarcasm a lot: nah fam.

Scary movie or happy endings: thanks to the boyfriend, I am hooked on scary movies even though they terrify the hell out of me.

Are you competitive: you should see me play Overwatch.

Social Media Links;


Contact me;


I Tag;

I’m copping out of tags again because I want to get back to watching Amnesia. Feel free to do this on your own.




11 thoughts on “about me tag: come and learn a little bit more about your favorite ravenclaw

    1. Don’t even get me started on the Mercy changes becuase we will be here alllll day! lol. I’ve been lucky so far. Zenayatta has only been nerfed very slightly and Dva got a buff with her rockets so I’ve been happy so far. lol.


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