cleopatra’s daughter book review: giving ancient Roman history another go

cleopatra's daughter
3.5 stars!
Ancient Rome and Ancient Greek books are so hit and miss for me. I used to really like studying the ancients but over time, I just felt my interest waning. I read about Cleopatra in a book by Stacy Schiff but I didn’t like that book at all. I thought I would try it again with this one about her daughter. I didn’t even remember she had a daughter, to be honest.

This book wasn’t terrible by any means but it wasn’t super great either. I certainly won’t be buying it for myself even though the cover is amazing. I got confused by the names a lot since they all had to have the same name. I know that the medieval history that I read have similar names but for some reason, I can handle those. Even by the end, I still wasn’t sure who was who and how they were related. Ancient family trees are messed up with a lot of inbreeding and marrying each others spouses.

I did appreciate the in depth description of how Roman government works along with the details of the different architecture. Greek and Roman architecture is some of my favorite buildings to look at. They are just so pretty!

Speaking of architecture, props to Selene for being interested in it even though it was considered a man’s profession. I love that ancient Egypt promoted equality in both of the sexes and allowed them to pursue whatever and whoever they wanted. I wish we could get back to that, honestly.

Selene was an alright character. She made a lot of really dumb decisions and couldn’t keep her mouth shut. I was surprised that she didn’t get herself killed. I mean some of the things she said were just really child?

Overall, the book was alright. I enjoyed it more towards the middle and end. I don’t know if I will be picking up any more books about ancient Rome and Greek. Regardless, I had fun learning about Cleopatra’s daughter and Roman government.


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