arc review: the heartbreak cure

the heartbreak cure
4 stars!

Thank you to Entangled Teen publishing for allowing me to read this early. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

expected publication: december 4

I love fluffy stories. I love those stories that make my heart all happy and I forget all the trouble of the world and the stress. And if that fluffy story contains my most favorite trope ever, the friends to lovers, than I love it even more!

And that is what I got with this book. I got two amazing MCs with so much heart and soul, despite what has happened to them. I got redemption and second chances. I even got a new favorite trope, the sassy best friend trope. Yes, this is a trope now by decree of Lacy.

But really, this was fantastic. It was a contemporary so it had all the fluff and lightheartedness that contemporaries have but it also had some heavy topics too. There was an undercurrent of grief and guilt that was laced throughout the story, in Alex’s POV. There was also the topic of digital bullying that was addressed, in Cat’s POV. Both of these POVs were in third person but that did not hamper the experiencing the feelings that Cat and Alex felt.

Like I mentioned above, I really loved both Cat and Alex. They had such amazing qualities about them. I shipped them really hard. They both acted like teenagers and talked like teenagers. That is the one thing that I look for in all my contemporaries based in high school. Amanda Ashby knows how to write teenagers. I want Cat and Alex to be actual people so I could be there friends.

Overall, I am happy. This was an adorable book that discussed heavy topics in a way that doesn’t affect what the genre is. I guarantee this book will make you feel all sorts of happy butterflies in your heart and make your day just a little bit better. It certainly worked for me.




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