down the tbr hole #6

I’m just going to keep plugging away at this. Props to the creator, Lost in the Story.

the next 24 books;


I’ve had this on my shelf for forever and I see a lot of positive reviews buuuuut my library doesn’t have this book. I’m not going to go out and buy it until I know I like it.

Decision: Remove (will be added later if library gets copy)

the v girl

I’m really on the fence with this one. It’s free with Kindle Unlimited but I feel like I wouldn’t enjoy it.

Decision: Remove (for now)

hp the prequel

Honestly it would take me .2 seconds to read this because it’s only 4 pages. I just keep forgetting about it.

Decision: Keep

radio silence

There are so many glowing reviews about this book but I’m just not feeling it. I’m going to be crushing a lot of people’s dreams with this tbr posts.

Decision: Remove

a darker shade of magic

Another book with glowing reviews. This actually does sound interesting.

Decision: Keep

the merciless three

I got to read the first four chapters thanks to the amazing author and let’s just say I am hooked.

Decision: Keep


This sounds creepy and amazing!

Decision: Keep

the book of etta

This is part of a series that I need to finish.

Decision: Keep

the first queen of england

It appears my history binge did not stop with Alison Weir.

Decision: Remove


I was excited for this and then I read a super detailed review that pointed out a lot of ridiculous things.

Decision: Remove

red queen

This sounds alright but I have heard it gets worse as the series progresses.

Decision: Remove

the tudors

This sounds like I would actually learn a lot about the Tudors before HenryVIII.

Decision: Keep

the bad beginning

Kind of want to read these for nostalgia.

Decision: Keep

flame in the mist

I…I don’t know why I added this. I don’t really want to read it.

Decision: Remove


One of my goods recommended this to me because she loves Alice in Wonderland.

Decision: Keep

norse mythology

Again this is more of the situation where I’m just not that much into mythology right now.

Decision: Remove

the girl with all the gifts

I added this because the movie looked really cool.

Decision: Keep

sister queens

I’ve always been curious of Queen Juana.

Decision: Keep

made you up

The book had me hooked when it mentioned schizophrenia.

Decision: Keep

the trapped girl

Another book for another series I need to finish.

Decision: Keep

against all ods

Her new work has been top notch so far.

Decision: Keep

the curious case of benjamin button

I added this after I watched the movie. Sounds like the movie might be better.

Decision: Remove

the midnight's dance

I love the ballet and everything about it.

Decision: Keep

poisions kiss

Dying by kissing? Sounds awesome!

Decision: Keep

Well there you have it. I kept a little more that time but that’s okay. I still got rid of 9 books so that’s a start.

What did I get rid of that I’m probably crazy to do so? Did I keep anything that you know is straight garbage? Let me know!




6 thoughts on “down the tbr hole #6

    1. I’m glad you liked You. I’ve been hearing really positive things about it and I need more creepy books in my life.
      I’ve heard that about Red Queen. The cover is so damn pretty but I’d rather not put myself through torture.


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