down the tbr hole #7

The pressure really is on to get this thing done. It’s December already! Also I don’t have a review for you or anything else lined up, so here you go!

Props to Lost in the Story for the creation of this.

the next 20-something books;

pale rose of england

Torn. This is about King Henry VII and I have been meaning to go back to that period.

Decision: Keep (for now)

These are part of a series I need to contuine.

Decision: Keep

the maid's war

Par tof a series I want to contuine

Decision: Keep

fantastic beasts screen play

Yall know the answer.

Decision: Keep


Part of a series I started.

Decision: Keep

language of thorns

I own this.

Decision: Keep

fallen heir

Easton was my favorite Royal.

Decision: Keep

poision study

Sounds okay but I’m not dying to read it.

Decision: Remove

before she ignites

I haven’t heard the best things about this.

Decision: Remove (for now)

emmy and oliver

Eh. I’ll pass.

Decision: Remove



Decision: KEEP

the winter palace

Mom bought me the second one on accident so I need to read the first one.

Decision: Keep


I also adore Catwoman!

Decision: Keep


Does this even need an explantiion?

Decision: Keep

empres of a thousand skies

Pretty cover but doesn’t sound interesting to me.

Decision: Remove


I’m not that interested in Prince Arthur like I thought.

Decision: Remove

the women in the castle

I feel like I just read the entire book in the synopsis.

Decision: Remove

where the light falls

I’m not feeling reading about the French right now.

Decision: Remove


I’m not feeling this one so much anymore.

Decision: Remove

the seeker
untitled Carve the Mark book

Despite the controversy surrounding the first Carve the Mark book, I’m ready for the next one.

Decision: Keep

the first time she drowned

I’m not up for heartbreaking stories at the moment.

Decision: Remove

hogwarts collection

This one doesn’t need an explanation.

Decision: Keep

things i should have known

It sounds good but I have other books I want to get to first.

Decision: Remove


third watch

the academy

There you have. Another 20 some odd books down. Only a ton more to go.



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