off the page book review: a solid end to a cute duology

3.5 stars!

This book wasn’t as strong as the first book but I appreciated it nonetheless. I needed something after Between the Lines. I needed to know what happened to Oliver and Delilah. I wanted to know if they made things work or if they didn’t. I really wanted to see how Oliver would navigate high school.

In this book, we get three POVs- Oliver, Delilah and Edgar- along with notes to the Reader. Each of the POVs were written in color, which is one of my favorite things about these books. That and the illustrations. These books may not be super strong in terms of writing and character development but they sure as hell make it up in the beauty department.

I found that I didn’t like Delilah’s POV in this book. She was so damn whiny. She didn’t try and make herself better. She isolated herself and complained when she didn’t have any friends. I hated that she got so jealous of Oliver for being popular. She’s the one that wanted him in her world but yet he isn’t allowed to make friends? Excuse you, lady.

Oliver had the best POV. I loved reading about him trying to navigate the world of high school. It was hilarious and I could have easily read the whole book with just that. His childlike wonder of the world was endearing and it made my heart melt a little bit. Oliver is truly an endearing character.

Edgar’s POV was okay. It wasn’t anything to freak out over. Just average. shrugs 

Overall, even though this was weaker than the first book, I still enjoyed it. I’m one of those people that needs that HEA. I don’t like things just being cut off or left at a cliffhanger. This book delivered in terms of that and I’m satisfied.




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