the spring girls blog tour


What’s this? Another blog tour banner?? I guess that can only mean one thing. I am participating in another blog tour! And this one is one I couldn’t be more excited about it. It’s a modern retelling of one of my most favorite classics ever, Little Women.

Click the book cover below to see my review! I gave it 4 stars and spoke so highly of it. It really is a beautiful retelling and I will be buying this ASAP.


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the spring girls ARC

excerpt from my review;

This book was essentially spot on with original with a few extra things, like characters, added in there to keep it fresh. The March girls are renamed the Spring girls but they still have the same first names. Anna Todd captured Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy in a way that was true to the classic but still kept it modern. Everything was basically modernized and I loved it! There were even side characters such as Laurie and John Brooke. There stories were a little bit different than what happened in the classic but I still liked them. They added to the story in positive ways. 


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