arc review: lions and tigers and boys

lions, tigers and boys ARC
4 stars!

eARC provided by Entangled Teen in exchange for an honest review!

publication date: january 8

I will admit, circus books are hit or miss for me. Out of the 3 (three) books I’ve read, I only liked one (which is also an Entangled Teen published book). Now I can add a second one to the list. And I will be on the hunt for more circus themed books.

This book wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be a typical circus training book, with Dani trying to adjust to her new school and achieve her dreams of being a high wire star like her mom. But it was more than that. This was a Wizard of Oz retelling with supernatural aspects. Although, I’m not sure how close to the Oz story this book is as I haven’t seen the movie and read the book, but I still think it was good. I recognized from the of names and creatures.

Dani was such a likable MC. She was a nerd with a passion for dance and the high wire. She wasn’t the most graceful on land but she was amazing in the air. I adored her passion for the wire and her commitment to achieving her dream. My heart also broke for her. Since she was considered “odd” she was bullied a lot and didn’t really have friends. She soldiered on even though it was so hard for her. I just wanted to wrap her up and never let her go. I think me and her could have been really good friends.

Overall, I’m happy. I’m anxious to see where this series is going too.  (that’s presumptuous of me. too assume it will be a series. it ended on a cliff hanger and I mean come on, there has to be more!) Even if this isn’t continued, I would still highly recommend this book for those that like circus themed books and for those that like the Wizard of Oz.




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