arc review: love between enemies

love between enemies ARC
3.5 stars!

A special thank you goes out to Entangled Teen for allowing me to read this early. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Please note: even though this says #2 of the Grad Night series, you can read this as a standalone. 

publication date: january 8

This was such a fun book, even though I struggled to rate it. I felt 4 stars was too much but 3 stars was too low. It took my favorite trope, the friends to lovers trope, and reworked it into something that was totally different but still the same trope I know and love. I just didn’t click with the characters like I wanted too. I think part of that might be this book happens in a span of two days. We don’t get a chance to really bond with the characters in two days.

Speaking of the characters, we follow the two MC’s, Zoey and Gordon. Two seniors who are in constant competition with each other, even though they graduated high school. they are the two smartest people in their grade, constantly trying to one up each other. After a huge misunderstanding, Zoey plots her revent. But she didn’t expect to catch feels.

The book really appealed to my competitive nature. Just as Zoey and Gordon are constantly trying to outdo each other, I do the same to myself with gaming. Say I heal for 10k as Mercy in Overwatch. I will try and up that. This book was all about competition and I liked it.

As for the characters, I liked them both equally. I didn’t super bond with them but I appericated thier POVS nonetheless. I liked how much Gordon cared. He cared about his dad, the restaurant and even Zoey when he beat her at the different competitions. I loved Zoey’s tenacity. Despite being bullied for having money, she always kept her head up and didin let the haters bring her down.

A couple of rep points. One is for poor people (which I’m really liking when books have that rep. It’s something that I can very much relate too). Another is for a guy wearing makeup. One character, named Jesse, wears makeup and it’s totally accepted.

Overall, this was a fun read. If the friends to lovers trope is your thing, like it is mine, then be sure to pick this up!




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