mom mondays: a brand new biweekly segment

I honestly couldn’t think of a better word other than “segment” so this what you guys get. And yes, I know that a segment is usually designated for TV shows. It’s 4:00am, what do you guys expect from me?

Alright, I’ll put away the salty sailor act and introduce this super fun little thing that I am really excited for. I’m calling every Monday “Mom Mondays“. Cool name, right?? I thought so as well.

Basically the premise of this is my mom will pick out a book for me to read and review every week or every other week. I have told her she can pick any book from any genre. She was quite surprised that I trusted her with this much power. Mom has pretty good taste so I’m not worried. In fact, she was the one that got me hooked on Danielle Steel. Steel is one of my favorite instabuy authors, in case you are new here.

I’m hoping that this will be something cool that you all can do with your families, not necessarily your mom. I hope that with this, I will be able to spread my wings in terms of picking different genres. And my mom will most likely have fun with this too. Because the first book she picked out for me is a self help book on working with your boss. I’m pretty sure this means I’m her tester, to make sure the books are good enough for her to read. I don’t mind. Just be prepared for a lot of self help books like this. My mother got a lot when we went thrift store shopping.

I hope you all will like this fun weekly thing! Expect a review of the book How to Work for an Idiot by John Hoover January 29!





16 thoughts on “mom mondays: a brand new biweekly segment

  1. Wow…this sounds fun ☺️ I think I’ll try this with my sister sometime soon. And the name you came up with is also very cool “Mom Mondays”👍☺️

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