mistakes of the past book review

4 stars!
A special thank you goes out to Sunrise Author Services for the e-book! All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

I was not prepared for the story I got but I enjoyed it anyway. I had no idea that it was a paranormal story about angels and demons but I have grown to really enjoy those stories (thanks to Supernatural). I often just dive in without reading the synopsis.

I liked the MCs, Rose and Luc, but I much preferred Luc. He was so broken and sad. It hurt my heart o see him internally struggling with himself and the forgiveness he wanted so desperately. I could feel the desperation at wanting to be forgiven. It came through so clearly on the pages. As for Rose, I understood why she was hurting but at times, it drove me nuts. She was hurtful to the people that loved her because of her pain. But she started to grow up and understand that acting like wasn’t okay, even though she was hurting.


Speaking of growth and forgiveness, forgiveness was the major theme here. It is so hard to forgive and even harder to accept that you have been forgiven. Both Luc and Rose had a lot of forgiving and getting of people’s forgiveness.

The author really captured small town life so well. As someone who has lived in small towns all their life, I look to make sure they are repped correctly, both positively and negatively (because there are negatives to living in a small town). Patricia Josephine captured the small town life perfectly. From the town celebrations for one wedding to the everybody knowing your business and judging you for it, it made me happy to see it all.

Despite not realizing what this actually was about until I read it, I still really enjoyed it. I looked at the author’s other works and I saw more books on angels, which I am very much intrigued by and will certainly be on the lookout for. I only wish that this was a little longer as I would have loved to see Luc and Rose interact more. Other than that, this was a great book.

The path to redemption does not lie in pity.

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