january wrap up//

Aaaaaand just like that, January is over! Before we know it, 2019 will be upon us. And then 2020 and 2021….

Alright I’ll stop.

Anyway. This was a pretty decent month for me, if I do say so myself. You’ll see all the stats in the next part but I did manage to read 15 books. Considering that January was a bit of stressful month, I’m surprised I managed to do that much.

Look for my next post about my february tbr and what I plan to do coming up in the next months.

Alright, I have yammered on long enough. Here are the 15 books I read this month along with stats and I’m going to be trying something a little different in the ratings and reviews section. Let me know if you guys like it!




books read; 15 books

average rating; 3.73 stars

arcs read; 12 books


ratings and reviews;

mistakes of the past; 4 stars

∇an angel and demon contemporary that more people should know about.


the burial society; 5 stars, favorite book, arc

∇ one of the best thrillers I have read to date and became my favorite 2 (two) pages in.


how to work for an idiot boss; 3 stars

∇ a mom monday book. gave excellent advice on how to deal with a boss.


→road to eugenica; 4 stars, arc, review to come february 1 

∇ a beautiful story with grief and an awesome dad/daughter relationship


margaret tudor, queen of scots; 2 stars, arc

∇ a mediocre story of king henry the eighth’s  sister.


the extraordinary life of sam hell; 4 stars, favorite book, arc

∇ a timeless story of a bullied child growing up and finding his way in life.


zombie abbey; 3 stars, arc

∇ a zombie classic retelling that missed the mark for me.


love between enemies; 3 stars, arc

∇ a friends to lovers trope that was alright.


wicked charm; 3 stars, arc

∇ a murder mystery that had too much romance but excellent commentary on grief.


lions, tigers and boys; 4 stars, arc

∇a Wizard of Oz supernatural retelling.


the vanishing spark of dust; 4 stars, arc

∇ a dystopian alien romance.


the english wife; 4 stars, arc (through Book of the Month)

∇ a murder mystery with Shakespeare’s play quotes thrown in.


the spring girls; 4 stars, arc

∇ an amazing Little Women retelling.

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pretty dead girls; 5 stars, favorite book, arc

∇ a Scream Queens meets Pretty Little Liars mystery.

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