happy one year anniversary to me!

Hi friends!

WordPress was kind enough to let me know that a ravenclaw library turned one year old today! How awesome is that?

Blogging has been something that I never really thought about doing. Sure, I’ve read other people’s blogs but that was about their life. I didn’t think I could blog about books. That was just something I never really saw. But then again, I never really searched it out either. I was just naive enough to think that things like this didn’t exist.

But then I found Goodreads, which led me to people’s blogs and I was like hey! I wanna do that!

So I did.

And boy, I’m glad I made that decision. Blogging has been so much fun because I can talk about one hobby I’m super passionate about and that’s reading! And people actually read my posts and care about what I have to say. How awesome is that? I’ll answer my own question: super awesome!

So thank you, my friends, for supporting me in this endeavor. I know I haven’t been posting as much. I’m trying to get through a series that is just dragging me down. But I have plenty of posts on the way! It has been such a fun year and I can’t wait to see another year of blogging brings!




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