the gender game series review//a promising start that ended pretty meh

I think this is the first time since Harry Potter that I have completed a series. I’m actually quite proud of myself. Completing a series is an accomplishment. Whenever I think I have completed a series, a new book gets added. cough cough Pretty Little Liars.

Anyway, I finally finished the Gender Game series, as you could probably gather from the title, and it was alright. The first three books started out so strong. Things were happening. Twists were coming around every which direction, VIOLET AND VIGGO (!!!!!) and then….meh. There is really no other word I can use to describe my feelings about the last 4 (four) books. It was just meh. Just call me a professional reviewer!


The last 4 (four) books just fell flat for me, like I mentioned above. Nothing was really happening. Just a lot of planning. Sure, planning is essential for war or a coup but I mean come on. We could have chopped out so much of it. The group literally discussed EVERYTHING. There was also just so much day to day stuff. I can appreciate a day in the life but when there is pages dedicated to how Violet washes dishes with a broken hand, I think it’s time to edit that stuff out.

But there was some good out of the negative like Violet and Viggo. Oh my lord, how I just adored them. Together they were so amazing. The love and respect they had for each other was so great. They helped each other heal from the trauma of war and their past. They accepted each others faults. I seriously could go on and on and on. They were perfect. Absolutely perfect. 


The concept of family was so great. In the beginning, Violet stopped at nothing to find her baby brother. Her determination to find Tim reminded me of me. I will stop at nothing to make sure my baby siblings are okay. They could be grown adults but they will forever be my babies. The inner circle (I would name them all but there is kind of a lot) all clearly cared for one another and it just made my heart melt. Even when one of them made a giant mistake, they forgave and moved on. They never lost sight of their goals. I wholeheartedly ship families like this. The makeshift ones that you create from your friends.

Overall, I’m glad I read this series. I wish it had been better in the end or even shorter. The way the plot was set up begged for a 5 (five) book series. But I don’t regret reading it. I will still highly recommend this series but it comes with a warning about the slowness towards the end.




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