march tbr

Gosh, February was just not my month at allllllll. I only read 9 (nine) books but managed to complete a series I have been meaning to complete for a year. So I suppose that is a positive?


This is my March tbr, in case you didn’t see the title. This month, I want to focus on ARC clean up, library clean up, the 2018 Popsugar Reading challenge and more mood reading. I didn’t do a lot of that last month because I was so determined to finish The Gender Game, which was meh. I will also be including this tbr some plans I have for blog posts, such as discussion posts and things of that nature.

I’ll quit whining about February now and give you my March tbr now!


the books;

*click on the title to be taken to the goodreads page


The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux: this is part of the Popsugar challenge, a book that is also a stage play or musical. I haven’t seen this play but I heard it was pretty good. Also, I was able to get this book for free on Amazon.

The Black Witch by Laurie Forest: this is a library book and honestly, I’m reading this book specifically for the fuss surrounding it. I have heard a lot of positive things that outweigh the super negative ones.

Before the Devil Breaks You by Libba Bray: I am so ready to continue on with this. I have heard great things and I want to see my ship work out. Sam + Evie foreverrrrr.

Far From the Tree by Robin Benway: okay, so this was a library book that I just finished. But I’m including it in here anyway because I already wrote this out and I don’t want to search for another book. I am destroyed by this book and will never be the same again.




Barbed Wire Heart by Tess Sharpe: I won this from a Twitter giveaway hosted by Tess herself. I have only read one book by her but it completely destroyed me (10 points to your House if you know which book it is!) I am ready to read some more by this oh so amazing and talented author.

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson: this is part of the Popsugar challenge, a book set in the decade you were born. I was born in the 90’s and by my research (aka a Google search), this book also was set in the 90s. I’m anxious to read this as I have heard a many good things. Plus, I have heard that the movie was incredible.

Phoenix Fire by S.D Grimm: this is an eARC approval from Entangled Teen. I loved her other book, Summoner, so I figured I would like this one as well! And that cover sucked me right in.

Bring Me Back by B.A Paris: as you all may have guessed, I am obsessed with the publishing company, St. Martin’s Press. Every book I have read from them (a whole two books but still) as been so great. I have seen some pretty rocking reviews on this one and completely forgot I requested it until I got the email. So needless to say, I’m stoked!

the blog;

Along with reading those books, I would like to do some more discussion posts. I would like to do one about panic attacks. Which will be hard to write but I think it’s an incredibly important thing to discuss. I would also like to do more posts about genre types. My religion post seemed to generate lots of good feedback and I would love to do more and have more discussion about different genres.

I would also like to do more cover reveals because honestly those are so much fun. And let’s be honest, we almost always buy books for the covers. I know I do anyway. I will also be doing more blog tours because I love promoting books.

I think that is it. I would love to accomplish this tbr so I can go into April and strictly do mood reading. But we shall see what happens.




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