mom mondays: movie review of midnight in the garden of good and evil

As you all might have remembered, my Mom Mondays book a couple weeks ago was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. It was a pretty interesting book with quite a unique cast of characters. There was, of course, the nostalgia of Savannah. It was the first trip Mom and I took together. Even though it happened a long time ago, I still have very fond memories of this trip and I will treasure them always.

Well, Mom and I discovered that it was a movie. After struggling to find a copy (we looked on Playstation, Xbox, and our local video store), we managed to find it thanks to Amazon (where apparently you can rent movies. who knew?)

This fun little review of the movie Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is the Mom Mondays post for this biweekly segment!



3 stars!

tw: homophobic slurs, racial slurs, deadnaming of trans person


Truth, like art, is in the eye of the beholder.


This movie was alright, for lack of better words. The characters in the book were so exuberant, their personalities had to have been exaggerated (remember, they are based on real people with slight tweaks to their name and other things like that). In the movie, there were so tame, I wouldn’t have known who they were without subtitles. Even the Lady Chablis, my favorite character in the book, was a tame version, which really sucked because she played herself in the movie and could have done so much more.

I must also address something before I get to far into this review. Yes, Kevin Spacey is in this movie. Yes, I know what he has done. Please don’t attack or accuse me (or my mom for that matter) of supporting him because we watched this movie. I didn’t know he was in this movie until I started watching it.

The pacing of this movie was weird. It would be super fast paced, with a sudden rush of characters and then….nothing. Just slow boring conversations about I don’t even remember. On the plus side of this, the trial scene (the only one, mind you. there was supposed to be 4 (four)) was actually more interesting than in the book.

One positive note about this movie is that the plot is still the same. Kind of. Jim Williams (Kevin Spacey) is accused of kIlling Billy Hanson (Jude Law) in cold blood. John Kelso (John Cusack), who was originally in town to write about Williams’ annual Christmas party for the Town and Country magazine decides to stay in town to help Mr. Williams and figure out what really happened. This does happen in the book, although it’s not that specific. Unfortunately, this was the second part of the book. Which means we don’t get the fun antics of the other characters from the first part.

Another positive that stood out to me is that parts of this movie was actually shot in Savannah. There is Forsythe Square (which I think I have been too) which is in front of the Mercer House and scenery of beautiful Savannah. Seriously, if you guys ever get a chance to visit Savannah, take it! You will not regret it, I promise you!

Brief History of the Mercer House: The Mercer House was designed by John S. Norris for General Hugh W. Mercer, who is the great grandfather of Johnny Mercer. Johnny Mercer was a singer/songwriter from Savannah Georgia. [source:] In 1960, Jim Williams bought the since vacant house and restored it. The Mercer House is now open to the public with Jim Williams massive collection of antiques still inside. [source:]

Overall, this movie was alright. The pacing was weird. The characters really disappointed and I have found out that I am not a fan of John Cusack. Honestly, best to stick with the book. It’s so much more better.


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