against all odds review//yes, another danielle steel novel

4 stars!

tw: drug use, abuse (spousal) rape, cheating

Never thought I would see the day where I would have to put trigger warnings on a Danielle Steel book. I lived for 25 years thinking that DS was light and fluffy with a few hard topic books thrown in. That is what I thought this book was, actually. Boy, was I wrong. This was not light and fluffy. Not even close.

This is a slice of life book, which can sometimes be hit or miss. We have Kate and her four kids, Izzie, Justin, Julie and Willie. The three older kids get more page time as they are dealing with more difficult things in their life, especially Julie. Each child is different and is going through something and this book discuss how they cope with the hardships and how Kate helps them deal with the hardships as much as she can.

Since I like to give themes to books so much, I would say that the family is the theme for this book. No matter what happens, no matter how much your family irritates you, they will always have your back. They will always be there for you. Kate thinks that a lot of what her children doing are mistakes and she tries so desperately to help them to understand that. But even though she disapproves of their choices, she still supports them and loves them.

I think this book also brings light to how hard it is being a parent. Kate worries for her babies and the choices they make, however wrong she thinks they are. She wants nothing more then to make sure they are happy. Kate learns that sometimes you just have to let your babies fly and make mistakes. And always be there when they fall.

Overall, this was a classic DS novel with some more darkness then what she normally brings to the table. I would recommend this book to those that have read DS. I think they would appreciate this book. It shows how far she has come with her writing.




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